ROUNDABOUT: Maintenance missing at circle

There was plenty of controversy surrounding the proposal by the state Department of Transportation to place a roundabout at Routes 20 and 60 –one of the busiest intersections in the county. More than a year later, the reviews are still mixed.

Some, obviously, do not know how to navigate through the traffic circle as they come to a stop. Others go through the circle with absolutely no concern about oncoming vehicles.

There are good things as well. Traffic seems to move at times at a quicker pace. There’s no long red lights.

And then there’s the center of the roundabout, filled with high grass and weeds. That is supposed to be maintained. Unfortunately, it is not.

That is a far cry from the roundabout on Seneca Nation of Indians territory near Irving. It is well maintained and proudly flies the flags of the Nation.

In Fredonia, there is overgrown grass and weeds. If this was in the village, there would be citations.

This problem is not on state workers, which have done excellent work on Route 60 this year. It is lack of attention to detail by those responsible for maintenance.


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