DUNKIRK No minimizing heroic actions

It was nearly a worst-case scenario. On Thursday morning, a bus driver with five students and an aide sensed something was wrong.

She pulled over in an East Fourth Street parking lot and evacuated all riders. Within minutes, the bus was on fire.

What could have been a unfortunate story became one of heroism. The driver’s company, First Student, noted as much.

“We are very proud of our driver in Dunkirk,” the company said in a statement. “The safety of the children we transport is our No. 1 priority. The driver’s immediate action was the result of the extensive training received to prepare for any situation. Happy to report that everyone was safely evacuated from the bus.”

To most of us, this driver is unknown. She quietly did the right thing — and kept everyone involved safe.

On a rainy morning, she was a ray of sunshine.


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