Brocton: Exit has village looking for a leader

Even though there are some 500 elected officials in Chautauqua County, finding true leadership remains a problem. Last week, Brocton Mayor Art Miller resigned from his position due to health reasons. We hope everything works out for him.

That being said, it leaves a void at village mayor that Craig Miller will fill until a replacement is decided upon. Many may remember that years ago, Brocton had no one run for mayor. That worked out OK for the village as Richard Frost won with about 20 write-in votes.

“It’s a tough job,” Frost said upon leaving office. “Anybody before me or after me will tell you that. Everyone who has done this should be respected.”

But how many people truly want the hassle?

Brocton and Portland have worked extremely well together. There’s an example already in a dissolved Forestville government with Hanover’s leadership that is working.

That same spirit needs to be considered for a village that now lacks a top official.


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