GRAPE FEST Before complaining, lend a hand

Silver Creek’s Festival of Grapes will have a different look this year — and it’s not going over well with some in the community.

In a post to its Facebook page last week, the organization announced the Sept. 16 to 18 event will not include the amusement rides or games this year. It appears the group is facing a challenge so many other nonprofits are facing: a lack of volunteers.

“The board has not been able to recruit and secure enough volunteers over the past several years. We have tried to balance the board with members who can be a short-term volunteer or a long-term volunteer,” the Facebook post stated. “With limited volunteer resources it is difficult to maintain previous operations. We need additional volunteers who can routinely commit to the board to learn the inner workings and to be decision makers for our future.”

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the festival. Those who think organizers should be doing a better job, ought to walk the walk.

For those who wish to help, visit https://www.facebook.com/festivalofgrapes1968 and message the organizers.


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