Cassadaga No easy answer on rental issue


Cassadaga has a decision to make. But first, it will listen to those who come forward.

Tonight, the village is holding a public hearing regarding a possible moratorium on short-term rentals starting at 7 p.m. This is a hot-button issue throughout northern Chautauqua County.

Kim Collins, owner of the Blue Oar in Cassadaga, presented to the board the Cassadaga Property Alliance at last month’s meeting. She suggested this group would take steps for property owners to help each other out when it comes to short-term rentals and owning property in general.

“It’s in our best interest to operate short-term rentals in a really good way,” she said. “We’ve formed the Cassadaga Property Alliance for all short-term renters to be a part of, and we’d actually like all Cassadaga residents to be a part of that and all taxpayers to be a part of that so we’re all working together.”

That’s a tough sell. Having every resident be part of an alliance will create as much bickering as what could happen tonight — and in recent meetings.

Tourism is a key part of Chautauqua County’s efforts to drive development. We noted it before — and will say it again: it would be nice to see some leadership from Mayville on this issue.+


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