Hanover Dissolution funds taking far too long

We can definitely sympathize with the pain Lou Pelletter is going through. The Hanover Town Board member has been attempting to get New York state to hand over some funds the town is owed for taking over the dissolved village of Forestville.

Pelletter, during recent meetings, has complained he worked on the issue for four years until 2020 when he just gave up. Most of the funds are to assist municipalities that work to handle business for the entity that no longer exists.

It is supposed to be one of the perks that come with the elimination of a government. Tim Crino, town clerk, tried to reassure Pelletter. “I spoke with them again regarding that – that money is still there. It’s still waiting for us, it’s not going to go away, it’s not money that will expire,” Crino said.

But Pelletter is correct. Forestville came to an end five years ago. Hanover has handled its business. This delay shows a lack of good faith on the state’s part.


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