DUNKIRK Refresco purchase is welcome news

Dunkirk and the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency were greeted with some encouraging words on Tuesday. At a meeting where the agency approved the sale of the former ConAgra and Kraft building on Talcott Street, a Refresco official praised the city and its staff.

“Dunkirk is a very accommodating place for our team,” said Steve Kaufman of the company. “The employees, the stakeholders have all viewed and visited the plant in Dunkirk and hold it in high regard with its position for Refresco in the northeast. We look to continue to invest in the region, hire in the region, and are putting forth a plan to our leadership to help revitalize that facility.”

Dunkirk, which seemed to have some momentum on its side before COVID-19, has faced a bit of tumult in the last year. Major names, such as Wells Enterprises, cut staff while Athenex with its ailing financial picture has become invisible, except for the large plant off Route 5 that cost millions to build but sits vacant.

Refresco employs about 600 in the region. This $1.4 million investment is significant for the north county — and brings some life to a location that has sat dormant for eight years.


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