DUNKIRK Too many proposals are lacking funds

During last week’s public input session regarding the 24 proposed Downtown Revitalization Initiative, there was one bit of insight worth considering. Current Common Council member Nancy Nichols noted while at the Clarion event that more than 60% have no funding secured.

While that does not wipe out the project, it does bring in the sustainability factor. One thing this corner has noted in recent years is a lack of private investment is one of the key reasons this area cannot shake off a five-decade recession that has led to an exodus of business and residents.

Government and school districts are what have tried to keep the area afloat. But to do that, it comes at a large tax burden.

Dunkirk’s $10 million from New York state through this DRI is a bit of hope. But proposed projects that lack outside investment need some extra scrutiny before being moved to the next phase.


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