Newsmaker of the month: Village attorney costs may spike again

Community members are very aware of the water problems that plague the village of Fredonia. They are not, however, cognizant of legal issues that continue to mount against the municipality.

Within the last three months, three lawsuits have been filed against the entity. It is far from good news for the Village Board or its residents.

Since 2021, the board is projected to spend nearly $400,000 on legal fees. With the recent filings, this amount could increase.

In the meantime, the water issue remains the real focus. As we noted in editorials long before the study by LaBella was complete, the price tag for the water overhauls could cost more than $25 million.


Three options, unveiled earlier this month by LaBella before a Village Board meeting show that there will be a steep cost to however residents and elected officials wish to proceed.

What board members and residents have not factored in are the increasing legal fees that will need to be addressed. One involves a property issue with a pool, another involves a building damaged by village employees torching weeds in front of the establishment and the other involves a former strip club.

In the end, even if the village wins all three cases, someone will be on the clock for representation. Seeing that Fredonia already has some of the highest attorney costs of any county municipality is unsettling. Facing potential time in court is just more dollar signs for residents – and trustees – to be staring at.


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