DUNKIRK More updates, oversight needed

Dunkirk Common Council is not capable of making financial decisions. New Mayor Kate Wdowiasz is still learning on the job. And, a longtime city treasurer isn’t really watching the store seeing that the municipality is somewhat shockingly in the hole to the tune of $18.5 million.

How must Dunkirk move forward?

Probably with a city manager position. That would be someone who understands the money situation and is not afraid to make tough decisions.

We know we cannot count on council for that, since the longest tenured members have their heads in the sand when it comes to divvying out the dollars. In addition, those same council members — who don’t worry about the consequences of spending — are more worried about filling potholes and quality of life issues at the moment.

You cannot have those comforts without having a sustainable government.

At the moment, Dunkirk does not qualify for that. It’s flat out broke.

In fact, what’s most disappointing is every council meeting from here on out needs to include an update on the city’s finances. That did not happen last week, which is another symptom of oblivion.

If leaders are serious about dealing with the $18.5 million loan, then let’s be open about the problems. Minor road work is a nuisance. Empty financial coffers, however, are a much more serious issue that received no attention last week.

After all this, does anyone have any questions on why Dunkirk’s in fiscal troubles?


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