NATION: Accountability needed on debt

President Joe Biden recently visited Sturtevant, Wisconsin, to speak at the site of a future Microsoft data center.

As the Associated Press reported recently, the project is expected to create about 2,000 jobs.

We understand that any president running for reelection will tout the successes in job creation seen during his or her administration. And the job market has been a bright spot in Biden’s tenure.

But voters have no reason to accept a failure to address and correct the many shortcomings that exist along with that low unemployment rate.

As we have editorialized before, Americans should find reassurance in the low unemployment rate — and more importantly, should expect the White House and Congress to use the reprieve on this issue as a chance to focus their efforts on other issues. Chief among those issues are curbing inflation and rising prices.

As the Republican congressman for the district President Biden visited noted, “the president doesn’t want to talk about the inflation policies his administration continues to drive forward.”

We share U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil’s concerns that Biden and his White House have been negligent in taking the pressure rising prices place on middle-class and working-class families seriously.

Likewise, the Biden presidency joins a tragically long list of administrations that are not in any way serious about the federal deficits and the national debt which swells due to those deficits.

We hope voters can hold the president accountable for their negligence in addressing inflation and out-of-control spending during this campaign. Americans’ present and America’s future demands accountability.


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