CASSADAGA: Sticker shock may await water users

Water problems in the north county are not just restricted to the village of Fredonia. To the south, Cassadaga has been hampered with water issues for more than a decade.

It is working to take its next step with its system. It will come at a hefty price: $8.5 million.

According to a recent presentation, the village has just over seven miles of water main, featuring three groundwater wells and treatment buildings, one water storage tank, and one booster pump station. Concerns exist of the aging water main and aging equipment at the wells, along with poor chlorine residuals at the water tank and issues with freezing.

“Your system doesn’t operate like a system today should because you’re using controls that are very antiquated,” Zarbo told the Board. “… Now it’s time to take that next step.”

That’s where the high costs come in — and the hope of grant funding. Cassadaga, a village of less that 650 residents, could be on the hook for higher costs for water if those monies do not come through.

Though the process may seem in the early stages, the village has obviously put off the problems. That could continue to be costly in the long run.


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