GOVERNMENT Being responsible when on the road

It is a privilege and responsibility for workers to be able to drive government-owned vehicles. Some are necessary, such as fire trucks, police cars, dump trucks and plows.

Others are a bit more of a luxury. Governments could reimburse drivers for using their vehicle, but instead use taxpayer dollars to purchase the item for travel or as part of the job.

But scrutiny comes — and is deserved — with those cars or pickups that are paid for with taxpayer dollars.

On the New York state license plate, it notes if there is an agency the car belongs to — whether it be a municipality, school district or a high-ranking elected official. Last week, a motorist in a county vehicle was reportedly weaving into and out of traffic with some reporting the individual driving past the speed limit, according to more than one social media posting.

We cannot confirm or deny those reports. But it is worth noting the license plate was apparently forwarded to the county.

We have a lot of governments in this region. Spending taxpayer dollars on vehicles is something that happens on a regular basis and rarely questioned.

The lesson in this case is simple. For those driving any type of vehicle with a license plate noting a school district or municipality, other motorists are watching. And yes, you are held to a higher standard.


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