HANOVER: Bright spots start to emerge

Silver Creek and Hanover have received positive news in the recent week as three important properties are going through makeovers. Earlier this month, area elected officials celebrated the new Hideaway Bay resort, which makes the area a destination.

Just as important is the expected transformation of the former TLC-Lakeshore Hospital that was announced late this week as well as the effort that will take place on the deteriorating old Silver Creek school. Work on that eyesore in the village on Main Street could begin this fall, according to developers.

Thomas Whitney, Executive Director at Southern Tier Environments for Living, Inc. (STEL), said demolition will take place in late October for the new 54-unit apartment community, for residents ages 62 years and older. The building will be comprised of 51 single-bedroom units and three two-bedroom units.

STEL is overseeing the construction while People, Inc. will be responsible for administering support services for these 15 units. “We look forward to developing a beautiful building that the people of Silver Creek will be proud of,” Whitney said.

All of these renovations are big-ticket items — and each has an important role to the future of the north-county community.


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