15 year old wins Cold Turkey Run

OBSERVER Staff Report

Drew Braden, Cattaraugus, took first place in this year’s Cold Turkey Run held in Fredonia. The 15-year-old Braden ran the 4.5 mile race at a clip of 6:22 per mile, and finished in the top spot wit a time of 28.41.

Following Braden in the top 10 were: Eric Hohenstein (Fredonia, 28:51), Alan Braden (Cattaraugus, 29.22), Derek Bell (Lakeview, 29:26), Ethan Yannie (Sherman, 30:14), Raymond Graf (Buffalo, 30:15), Steven Sek (Dunkirk, 31:41), Sydney Swan (Fredonia, 31:44), Mark Desaulniers (Lilydale, 32:16) and Jonathan McDanaled (Silver Creek, 33:32).

Other top local-finishers:

21. Cedric Howard II (Fredonia, 34:44)

23. Rosanne Carr (Cassadaga, 35:02)

24. Steve Glasier (Fredonia, 35:03)