Fearless Freddie’s Football Forecast


Elf on the Shelf

SQUISH TIME. A victory over Miami Sunday will go a long way toward keeping playoff hopes alive for the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo’s glorious win in the snow over a horrible Indianapolis team last weekend kept the team in the hunt.

No matter the quarterback, the Bills will win and make another Monday survivable.

Freddie sees it this way:

BILLS 17, Dolphins 14

HOME teams are capitalized. Teams picked to win are listed first, followed by the predicted margin of victory. The official Las Vegas odds are in parentheses.



Denver +3 over INDY (+2.5)


DETROIT +3 over Chicago (+5.5)

LA Chargers +3 over KC (+1)


BUFFALO +3 over Miami (off)

Baltimore +6 over CLEVELAND (+8)

MINNESOTA +10 over Cincy (+12)

N ORLEANS +14 over NY Jets (+17)

Phil +7 over NY GIANTS (+8.5)

WASHINGTON +3 over Arizona (+4.5)

CAROLINA +7 over Green Bay (+2.5)

JAX +9 over Houston (+12)

SEATTLE +3 over LA Rams (+1)

PITTS +3 over New England (-2.5)

Tennessee +2 over SAN FRAN (even)

Dallas +7 over OAKLAND (+3)


Atlanta +6 over TAMPA BAY (+7)

WEEK: 11-5 (.688) v line 12-4 (.750)

YEAR: 132-60 (.688) v line 99-93 (.516)


WEEK: 0-1 (.000) v line 0-1 (.000)

YEAR: 208-43 (.829) v line 126-125 (.502)


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