Langford to host tractor pull event

OBSERVER Photo by Anthony Dolce Langford will hold a tractor pull event on Aug. 3-4.

On Aug. 3 and 4, Langford will be the focus of the truck and tractor pulling world. The NTPA Grand National Circuit is visiting Langford and bringing the most powerful motorsport competition vehicles in the world to town. The earth shaking Unlimited Modified Tractors with four and five Supercharged Engines create over 12,000 Horsepower. Also competing from the Grand National Circuit are Diesel Super Stock Tractors, Modified Four-Wheel Drive Trucks, Alcohol burning Light Super Stock Tractors and Wild Mini-Modified Tractors. There will also be featured competition from the Empire State Pullers and the WNY Pro Pulling Series.

There will be plenty of free parking with a shuttle running on Sunday, and there will be campsites for rent within easy walking distance to the event. The all day, action packed shows will take place on Saturday, Aug. 3 at 4:30 p.m., and on Sunday, Aug. 4 at noon. Admission is $20 on Saturday and $25 on Sunday, while children 12 and under are free. A two-day pass can be purchased for $40.