Local girls win Southern Tier Travel Soccer Championship

Northwest Wave U19 Girls recently completed participation in the 2019 campaign of Southern Tier Travel Soccer League. The girls posted a regular season record of 8 wins and 1 loss, placing first, and were seeded first for the playoff tournament, during which they defeated Bradford 3-1 and Kinzua-Warren 3-2 to be named Champions.

Pictured, starting in the front row, from left to right: Carmen Mancuso (Fillmore), Jaylah Cossin (Silver Creek), Ayla Prior (Hornell), Mary Doell (Mynderse), Izzy Penhollow (Falconer), Riley Voss (Fillmore).

Middle row, left to right: Angel Busch (Westfield), Heather Johnston (Brocton), Anna Seamon (Alleg/LS-Wilkes U), Shaefer Santos (Harbor Creek), Khiva Huxhold (Holley-GCC), Fanny Veneges (Elba), Jessica Lopez Hernandez (Westfield), Juliet Marino (Hornell), Lili Lander (Harbor Creek), Zada Seitz (Union Springs-St. John Fisher).

Back row, from left to right: Coach John Emmons, Emily Hatch (Fillmore), Grace Penhollow (Falconer), Abby Hatch (Fillmore), Coach Venn Blakely.

Not pictured: Katrina Yencer (Avon-MCC), Lindsey Simons (Canisteo), Kathryn Groff (Jasper), Alexis Weldy (Avoca), Nicole Engster (Mynderse), Emilee Hanlon (Dunkirk-Tenn), Morgan Schenck (JT), Hailey Potter (JT), Jayme McBride (Alexander), Zoe Beardsley (Fillmore), Courtney Yencer (Avon), Sophia Templeton (Fillmore).


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