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Submitted Photo Dunkirk native Peyton Moreland (left) delivers a kick during a fight. Moreland is back in the ring on Nov. 16.

Since 2011, Elevation Combat Sports (ECSA) has been at the forefront of local combat sports and bringing new fitness ideas to the community. With new ideas and concepts of physical fitness comes a new wave of athletes and an exciting alternative for getting in shape. This has proven to be very valuable for the fighters and the everyday common folks who want more time-effective ways of achieving their fitness goals.

“We keep it realistic here,” owner Dave Harriger says. “We get it. People are busy and they have lives, jobs, and most importantly families. With today’s fast-paced and busy lifestyle, people want to get in and out without spending two hours at a gym.”

The ECSA way is working for every day people, in and out of the ring. Oct. 26 in Jamestown, this proved to be true. Elevation put three of its best fighters in the ring for a kickboxing event and came out with three victories. All three fighters put on a spectacular show of skill, sportsmanship and a high level of fitness.

Cassidy Glapa, a 13-year-old of Brocton Central School, earned second round TKO due to her opponent being unable to answer the bell. Her opponent, much taller and six years her elder, sustained a broken nose from the first round. Her coach threw in the towel, as Glapa jumped off of her corner stool and threw her hands in the air letting out a scream of two months of very intense hard work and joy.

“A very proud moment for our family at ECSA,” said coach Kyle Yelich.

This is Glapa’s first fight, with the possibility of fighting in next month’s bout in Auburn, NY, along with the other two fighters.

Peyton Moreland, a Dunkirk native and former Dunkirk Marauders football standout, had an unbelievable return to the ring after being absent from the fight scene for over four years. Moreland went into the fight with a very clear mind and in top physical shape. A natural athlete and tough competitor, Moreland outclassed his opponent in boxing and in kicking. Moreland took very minimal damage during the fight, as he unleashed a barrage of multilevel attacks, completely confusing his opponent.

“Levels! Levels! Levels,” Harriger and Yelich shouted as Moreland confused his opponent with upper and lower body attacks and cruised to a three-round unanimous decision over a much larger opponent.

“That guy was huge. I kept hitting him and he wouldn’t go down,” Moreland said.

Moreland switched tactics going into the third round by attacking the body, which ultimately led to his decisive win. His opponent collapsed after the fight due to exhaustion and overheating. Harriger jumped right in to help aid Moreland’s battered opponent with some water and a couple “Gu packs” that they use for their fighters after a sugar crash. “Brings you back to life pretty quick,” Coach Harriger added.

Moreland’s true character and sportsmanship was highlighted by the gesture which followed after his opponents recovery. He gave his trophy to his exhausted opponent as a show of sportsmanship.

“He earned that just as much as I did. He stood in there and didn’t back down. I give that man so much credit and respect for that,” Moreland said with a smile. He fights again next on Nov. 16.

Jeremy Sobilo, Elevation’s most decorated and experienced fighter had an interesting night. He fought not one, not two, but three different opponents. His first opponent was a younger kid which the promoter had a hard time matching because of his size. Sobilo said he’d do an exhibition with an opponent who actually had 10 pounds on him. Sobilo displayed a great deal of self-control and let the much under skilled newcomer get some ring experience with one of the best fighters around.

Sobilo’s next two opponents, however, were a little bit more versed in kickboxing. He had a very tough round with a fighter from South Towns MMA. Sobilo’s experience paid off, as he landed a flurry of kicks to his first opponent setting up his victory. His second opponent, a familiar foe of Sobilo, whom he fought during his last fight, was stylistically much different. A very experienced fighter out of Warsaw, was a little more aggressive and pressed forward pushing the pace. Jeremy utilized more of his boxing than his kicking this time.

“Jeremy pulled off some impressive angles and counters against a really good opponent,” Coach Yelich said with a big smile. Sobilo has earned himself a title fight on Nov. 16 at the Gladius 38 fight Series for the 115 pound K1 kickboxing belt. K1 is kickboxing with clinching and knees to the legs and body. Sobilo’s hand speed and accuracy has vastly improved since working with ECSA’s accomplished boxing coach Elon DeJesus.

“I’m so impressed with Jeremy’s hard work and determination,” DeJesus said of Sobilo. Elon has been with Elevation for over a year and fits right in with the same work ethic and coaching mentality. ECSA hopes to keep the winning streak alive as Elon travels out west for a boxing fight this Sunday, in California.

For ticket information about the Gladius Fight on Nov. 16, contact Elevation Combat Sports (716) 785-0547 or visit gladiuscombat.com.


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