Black Knights boys sweep, girls get swept on the lanes

SILVER CREEK — The Silver Creek bowling team hosted Forestville on Monday at Hanover Lanes and won the boy’s game 4-0, but lost the girls game 0-4.

The Black Knights boys swept Forestville’s boys, 4-0, with a scoreline of 790-839-780-2,409 to 533-584-596-713. The Black Knights were led by strong performances from Zach Barlette-Dye 181-163, Daniel Paterson 191 and Damien Evans 187-156. Forestville saw strong games from Braden Grubb 179 and Mike Edmunds 158-143.

The Lady Hornets took care of Silver Creek’s girls in their first match of the season, winning 4-0. Forestville’s scoreline was 599-620-638-1,857 compared to Silver Creek’s 588-616-498-702. Forestville was led by Tristian Olsen 161-162-202-525, Dakota Vanarsdale 191-135 and Sydney Frost 170-134. Silver Creek’s Emily Barlette-Dye 155-146-160-461 and Laneya Olsen 160-145 led the way for the Black Knights.

The boys team improved to 12-0 and the girls went to 7-5 and will be back in action on Wednesday in Jamestown against Maple Grove.