Changing Lanes: A high school bowling round up

HANOVER — The Silver Creek boys and girls bowling teams both found victories over Randolph on Monday night, both winning in a sweep at Hanover Lanes.

For the boys, who had a final line score of 816-795-851 for a total of 2,462, were led by Daniel Paterson, who bowled a 204-200, for a 550 series, while Nate Barlette-Dye scored a 182-227, and Jeff DeBergalis bowled a 183-153.

The Randolph boys were led by Alex Finch, who scored a 171, 157, 168 and Kameron Finch, who had a 166 and a 173, for a 469 series.

The Silver Creek girls found equal success, led by a line score of 547-551-597 for a total of 1,695, while Randolph had a 492-536-455, totaling 1,483.

Silver Creek was led by Emily Barlette-Dye, who rolled a 161-160-169 for a 490 series, while Briana Kenjockety had a 159-149-161, totalling a 469 series and Leneya Olsen rolled a 160.

Randolph’s Hannah Wheeler had a 125-179-149 for a 453 series, while Harley Bruyere rolled a 132 and a 120.

Silver Creek is next in action on Wednesday, Dec. 4 in Clymer.

Brocton 4, Forestville 0

The Brocton bowling team started off their season with a sweep of Forestville. Brocton ended with a line score of 566-588-587 for a total of 1,741, which was enough to beat Forestville’s 533-572-466, which was a total of 1,570.

Brocton was led by Savanna Krystofiak, who had a 176-142, ending with a 447 series, while Janelle Grigelevich bowled a 146.

Forestville was led by Jack Frost, who had a 166-153 for a 434 series.

Jamestown 3, Dunkirk 1

Dunkirks varsity bowling team opened this year’s schedule tonight at Lucky Lanes against the Jamestown Red Raiders. The Red Raiders won the match 3 to 1, with games of 936-835-847 for a total of 2618, while Dunkirk had a 709-818-853 for a total of 2380. The leading bowler was Jamestown’s Brandon Michael, who had 196-213 for a total of 593 while Kyle Christensen had a 224 and a total series of 584, Riley Piazza bowled a 188, Colton Cappalino had a 189 and Zach Ryberg had a 182.

Dunkirk was led by Robert Koslowski’s 187-202 for a total of 555, while Trevor Skelly had a 172-235 for a total of 551.

Dunkirk faces Southwestern on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at Jamestown.

Dunkirk 4, Jamestown 0

The Dunkirk Lady Marauders picked up where they left off last season, by beating Jamestown in four games with a well-balanced attack, ending in a winning line score of 864-830-876, for a total of 2,570, which beat Jamestown’s score of 753-699-639 for a total of 2,091.

Dunkirk had several stand outs, including Makayla Pasierb who finished with a line of 181-201-173 for a 555 series. Rachel Glowniak also had a strong series, scoring a 167-178-201 for a total of 546, while Olivia Corbett had a total of 196-169-178 totalling 543. Mariah Glowniak added a line of 180-177-148 for a 505 series and Tayler Skelly had a high game of 176.

Jamestown was led by Abbie Derby’s 160-200-156 for a 516 series, while Emily Ryberg had a 193-144-161 line for a 498 set, and Ashlin Nelson had a 180-160-127 for a total of 467.

Fredonia 4, Chautauqua Lake 0 (boys and girls)

Both Fredonia boys and girls bowling teams opened their season with 4-0 victories over Chautauqua Lake.

In the boys match, Fredonia (4-0) had games of 1010-1070-966 in a 3046 series. High bowlers for Fredonia were Sam Kawski (236-223-215 – 674), Jacob Patterson (234-248 – 664), Jacob Marsh (238 – 621), and Bryson Kolassa also added a 230 game.

Chautauqua Lake had a linescore of 462-499-463 in a 1424 series. Kris Snyder had a 159 high game in his 450 series for the Thunderbirds.

In the girls match, Fredonia (4-0) had games of 649-617-712 in a 1978 series. High bowlers for Fredonia were Gillian Reed (188-186 – 521) and Ashleigh Hellwig had a 149 game. Chautauqua Lake had a linescore of 358, 433, and 353 in a 1144 series. Haylee Falco rolled a 111 game for Chautauqua Lake.

Chautauqua Lake travels to Jamestown on Wednesday, Dec. 4, while Fredonia hosts Southwestern on Monday, Dec. 9.