Black Knights sweep Clymer, Fredonia tops Falconer

High School Bowling Roundup

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SILVER CREEK — Both the Silver Creek boys and girls bowling team earned sweeps over Clymer on Monday night at Hanover Lanes.

The boys earned a relatively decisive victory, posting a line score of 748-714-790 for a total of 2,252, while Clymer ended with a linescore of 616-626-573, totaling 1,815.

Silver Creek’s Nate Barlette-Dye led the way, with two games of 210 and 146, while Daniel Paterson bowled a pair of 183 games, and Casimer Kowal had a 158 and a 146.

Clymer was led by Carson Faulkner, who had a 149 and a 137, for a 412 series, while Hunter Bogert had a 133 and a 148.

The girls held a smaller edge than the boys team in their victory, with the Lady Black Knights posting a line score of 503-512-425, which added up to 1,440, while Clymer kept it close with a line score of 355-461-406 for a total of 1,222.

The Lady Black Knights were led by Laneya Olsen, who had a 428 series, which included a 158 game and a 144 game, while Kiara Farrell had a 142 and a 136. Clymer was led by Tabitha Griffin, who rolled a 129 and a 428 series, with Alexis Hoser adding a 122 game.

Both the Silver Creek boys (28-0) and girls (15-9) will face the Maple Grove Red Dragons tonight.

Fredonia 3, Falconer 1

Both Fredonia boys and girls bowling teams scored 3-1 victories over Falconer Monday afternoon at Lucky Lanes

In the boys match, Fredonia (25-7) had games of 950, 1091, and 935 in a 2976 series. High bowlers for Fredonia were Jacob Patterson (220, 253 – 665) and Michael Dispense (257 – 612). Also bowling games over 200 were Sam Kawski and Jacob Marsh, who each added a 224. Falconer (17-15) had a linescore of 764, 765, and 971 in a 2500 series. Leading the team was Matt Gullotti, who fired games of 211 and 280 in a 635 series. Also bowling high games were Gabe Delahoy (201) and Nic Houston (206).

In the girls match, Fredonia (15-13) had games of 770, 689, 729 in a 2188 series. High bowlers for Fredonia were Savannah Salim (166 – 489), Gillian Reed (185 – 476), and Julianna Glowniak added a 195 game. Falconer (7-17) had a linescore of 696, 663, and 749 in a 2108 series. For Falconer, Amelia Sprague had games of 184 and 191 in her match high 533 series and Rachel Himes added a 164 game

Falconer hosts Chautauqua Lake on Tuesday, while Fredonia travels to Southwestern on Wednesday.

Dunkirk 4, Southwestern 0

The Dunkirk Marauders boys bowling team came out with a 4-0 victory over the Southwestern Trojans on Monday night.

Dunkirk won with a stat line of 753-827-824, totaling a final of 2,404, which was enough to beat Southwestern’s line of 633-726-766 for a 2,125 total.

Dunkirk (18-14) was led by Trevor Skelly, who had games of 195 and 235, ending with a 607 series, while Robert Kozlowski had a 182 game with a 512 series, and Brady Corbett rolled a 173 and a 171.

Southwestern (9-19) was led by Alex Nelson’s 178 game and 514 series, while Natalie Milner had a 178 game with a 463 series, and Morgan Wilson had a 172 game as part of a 450 series.

Dunkirk will take the lanes next on Wednesday, Jan. 15 against the Jamestown Red Raiders.


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