Forestville splits with Frewsburg on Senior Night

FREDONIA — The Forestville bowling team played its Senior Night match against Frewsburg on Monday and saw the girls team beat Frewsburg 4-0, while the boys lost 4-0 to Frewsburg at Lucky Lanes.

The Lady Hornets compiled a scoreline of 727-609-791-2,127 to beat Frewsburg’s 592-511-567-1,670. Forestville was led by Tristian Olsen with 215-245 for a 450 series, Ashley Forbes had a 203 and a 528 series and Lily VanArsdale had a 227 and 415 series. Frewsburg was led by Caitlyn Bean with a 460 series, Alicia Hauler had a 157 game and Joslyn Esterbrook had a 157 game too.

Frewsburg’s boys team had no trouble with the Hornets as they put together a scoreline of 830-825-847-2,502 to beat Forestville’s 695-680-753-2,138. Forestville’s effort was led by Tyler Waugh with a 212 game and 512 series, Braden Grub had a 184 game and 506 series and Jack Frost had a 183 game and 504 series. Frewsburg was led by Erich Thompson with 225-234-609 and Matt Thompson with 207-518 and Brendan Randall had a 213 game.

Forestville will prepare for next week’s county’s at Jamestown Bowling Company.


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