Rachel Glowniak sets Dunkirk girls bowling records in 4-0 sweep

OBSERVER Staff Reports

The Dunkirk Lady Marauders completed their league season Wednesday with a perfect 32-0 record, beating Fredonia (15-17) four games to none.

“My ladies came out on fire tonight,” said Dunkirk coach Donna Kubera. “Several girls were trying to move up in the division rankings and they did so in high fashion, winning the CCAA Division 1 League for the fourth year in a row and breaking several school and county records.”

Among those records were the CCAA League’s highest game and high series, both set by Rachel Glowniak on Wednesday. She set the high game score of 278 in the second game of her series on Wednesday, which was a record-setting 742 series score. They were also school records. Rachel also has the league and school high average records, which she set last year. Her linescore was 225-278-239-742.

Dunkirk posted a team linescore of 995-1,046-871-2,911, which set a Chautauqua County record for high game (1,046) and high series (2,911). Dunkirk’s team record over the past years is 149-3. They also won the NY State title in Division II last season.

Also for Dunkirk on Wednesday, Makayla Pasierb had games of 222 and 237 in a 618 series, while Olivia Corbett had a linescore of 198-213-192-603. Isabella Begier had a 194 game, while Mariah Glowniak had a linescore of 155-183-146-484.

Fredonia countered Dunkirk’s big day with a 730-717-659-2,106 linescore. Savannah Salim led Fredonia with a linescore of 183-160-147-490. Gillian Reed contributed a 136-165-160-461 linescore, while Juli Glowniak had a 144 game.

The overall results of the day weren’t all bad for Fredonia, however, as the Hillbillies beat Dunkirk 3-1 in the boys bowling match. Fredonia’s linescore was 1,030-1,140-898-3,068, compared to a linescore of 802-844-935-2,581 for Dunkirk.

Three Hillbillies (32-8) had scores over 600 on the day. Jacob Marsh had a 204-245-203-652, while Michael Dispense was at 236-246-169-651 and Jacob Patterson had a 239-205-174-618. Fredonia’s Jacob Cerrie had a 256 game, while Rocke Swartz had a 204 game.

For the Dunkirk boys (19-21), Trevor Skelly led the way with a score of 217-233-206-656. Robert Kozlowski also had games of 222 and 180 in a 567 series.

Dunkirk’s next match is at the Section VI Invitational Tournament on Feb. 1 at Airport Lanes. Both Dunkirk and Fredonia will bowl at the County Roll-Offs on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Silver Creek 4, Brocton 0

The Silver Creek Black Knights boys bowling team beat the Brocton Bulldogs at Lucky Lanes on Wednesday, four games to none. Silver Creek won with a linescore of 891-801-781-2,473 compared to Brocton’s 554-662-507-1,723.

The Black Knights were led by Casimer Kowal 150-179-158-487, Zach Barlette-Dye’s 214 game, Daniel Paterson’s 228 game and Nate Barlette-Dye’s 210 game.

Brocton was led by Nick Santiago with a 210 game and Savanna Krystofiak 133-173-153-459.

Silver Creek is in action again on Tuesday, while Brocton plays again at Forestville at Lucky Lanes today.