Control of cormorant population would aid local fishermen

The fishing public may finally get some relief from the Federal government, in regards to the double crested cormorant. In the Feb. 21 issue of the NY Outdoor news, contributing writer Dan Ladd wrote that the US Fish & Wildlife Service will be soliciting public input regarding management of cormorants.

Cormorants are migrating fish eating sea birds that have been around the Great lakes area en mass since the early 1970s. Cormorants are dark in color, have a wide wing span, a long bill (beak) and reportedly eat about 500 grams of fish per day individually. They colonize in areas and fan out daily about 20 miles from the colony core and eat. In concentrated numbers, their feces, called guano, is so acidic it will kill all plantlife. They can dive to great depths and consume fish including smelt, pan fish, bait fish newly stocked trout and salmonids, and whatever is available. They prey on fisheries raising fish for stocking purposes and aquacultures, that raise fish for stocking and commercial purposes.

Natural predators of cormorants are limited, and their numbers have been unchecked for decades. Federal regulations have protected these birds so much so that now they are a nuisance. Public outcry prompted a limited attempt to reduce the population of these birds. Fish & Wildlife personnel would destroy the eggs of these birds in the recognized colonies but that had limited results. The cormorants would just lay more eggs or move. Next officials would “oil” the eggs which would prevent proper incubation. Irate fishermen reportedly took matters into their own hands in some areas, as their livelyhood was being impacted by the cormorants. This practice has since stopped but public outcry was finally being listened to. A Federal judge stopped the limited oiling and nest destruction in 2016, and once again the cormorant population has escalated. The US Fish & wildlife Service is offering webinars to inform the public and accept comments on what should be done with the cormorant problem. The deadline for commentary is March 9. To submit commentary go to www.regulations.gov. You can also write to: public Comments Processing, Attention: FWS-HQ-MB-2019-0103; U.S. fish & Wildlife Service Headquarters, MS:JAO/1N,5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041-3803.

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