Etzel wins for 55th time on Wednesday tour

FAIRVIEW, Pa. — Al Etzel won for the 55th time on the Wednesday Travel League Tour after shooting the low round of 81 at Beechwood Golf Course.

Ed Tofil was second with 83 while Jim Ellman Sr. and Dave Criscione tied for third with 85s. Etzel and Dave Wallace led on the front nine with 40 while Tofil and Robert Calph led on the back nine with 39s. Other flight winners were Dave Franklin (B), Ron Szach (C) and Lenny Leszkowicz (D). The winner of the Bruce “Java” Chrabasz Commissioner’s Award was Bob Kujawa.

Untied birdies were recorded by: A Flight — Jeff Rich (Nos. 2, 14), Criscione (Nos. 4, 15), Ellman (No. 5) and Wallace (No. 6); B Flight — Franklin (Nos. 1, 13), Tim Walawender (No. 10), Butch Mackowiak (No. 14), Tom Destro (No. 16) and Tony Destro (No. 17); C Flight — Bob Thompson (No. 5), Dennis Gawronski Sr. (No. 11) and Szach (No. 18); D Flight — Leszkowicz (Nos. 2, 8), Frank Benamati (Nos. 3, 18), Gary Haase (No. 4), Joe Bifaro (Nos. 11, 14) and Jack Hood (No. 13).

Closest to the pin were Tom Destro (Nos. 2, 15), Criscione (No. 4) and Calph (No. 10).

Top point winners were Criscione (85), Rich (43) and Tom Destro (39). Season points leaders: 1. Wallace (282), 2. Calph (245), 3. Haase (232), 4. Tom Destro (220), 5. John Tofil (199), 6. Mike Wolfe (188), 7. Wayne Stoughton and Mike Willoughby (172 each), 9. Dan Kaszuba (164), 10. Pat Weaver and Leszkowicz (164 each).

Milestone hit this week: Jack Hood went over 1,000 career points.

The Top Ten in Career Tour Victories: 1. Ed Tofil (87), 2. Al Etzel (55), 3. Paul Olkowski (45), 4. Kerry Murphy (44), 5. Robert Calph (43), 6. Tony Nicosia and Ron Rys (41 each), 8. Joe Piwowarski (32), 9. Gary Richardson (27), 10. Butch Mackowiak and Dave Mathews (21 each).

This week the league holds its sixth annual “Commissioner’s Cup” at Chautauqua Golf Club’s Lake Course. The event honors the memory of Bruce “Java” Chrabasz, past league commissioner and great friend. The first group tees off at 9:30 a.m. At this time, all foursomes are filled. To be added to the sub list, text or call 785-2291 before Monday when foursomes will be pulled and finalized.


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