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FORESTVILLE — Dominick and Sarah Borrello won the 2020 Mr. and Ms. Couples Event at Tri-County Country Club with a 68.

Three times tied for the Flight 1: Honeymoon Phase lead. Ryan and Danielle Arnone, Justin and Kyleen Young, and Bob and Brenda Clarke all fired 73s.

In Flight 2: A Match Made In Heaven, Mike and Jaime Caligiuri won with a 69. Bill and Merri-Carol Hall fired a 70 while Jeff and Beth Rich had a 73.

Bob and Kathy Clendening led Flight 3: Marital Bliss with a 77. Dennis and Gena Corsaro had a 79 while Al and Mary Monaco had an 80.

In Flight 4: Power Couples, Mike and Michele Grisanti led with a 68. Angel Cortes and Wendy Huff had a 70 while Jim and Kayla Wiskup had a 78.

Mike and Lori McCarthy led Flight 5: ‘Til Death Do Us Part with a 79. Duncan and Julie Young fired an 83 as did Jerry and Mary Jo Schreiber.

Brent Raabe and Alicia Ellis led Flight 6: The Ole’ Ball and Chain with a 70. Scott Metzger and Rebecca Szpaicher had a 76 while Connor Daniels and Launie Setera had a 78.


FORESTVILLE — Diana Carpus carded the low score of 54 on the final night of play for hte Girls4Golf Tuesday Night League at Tri-County Country Club.

Nancy Phillips, Donna Merritt and Priscilla Penfold followed Carpus. The special score game was won by sub Janet Meyer.

Last week, Patti Hoagland carded the low score of 50 followed by Phillips and Sue Rocque. Fairway game was won by Rocque and Carpus had the lowest points.


CASSADAGA — Scott Nuccio led the Thursday Night Men’s Golf League at Cassadaga Country Club on Sept. 3 with a 37.

Scott Nuccio 37, Matt Wallace 38, Tom Gauronski 39, Jason Habich 40, Mike Lancaster 40, Aaron Beichner 41, Fred Chamberlin 41, Rob Kahle 41, Alex McQuiggan 41, Andy Snyder 41, Mike Lawhead 42


The Tuesday Night Men’s Utility League wrapped up its season at The Vineyards Golf Course on Tuesday with the team of Ron Marsh and Lee Szalkowski finishing in first place in the final standings.

Second place for the season went to the team of Mike Willoughby and Joe Majkut.

The final round of play was led by Willoughby with a 38 while Mike Kurtz and Chris Penfold each had 40s. John Taddio won the prize for closest to the pin on No. 5 en route to a birdie and a skins win. Willoughby had birdie skins on Nos. 6 and 9 with Ron Kirkby closest to the pin on No. 9, which was played from the gold tees for the only time this season.

The league thanks George Allessi for his work keeping the scorecards distributed and to Pam Allessi for printing the scorecards and compiling the results.

The final round was followed by a steak dinner with Diane Edgerton making sure the grills and food were ready.


John Chabuel led the Tom Tucker Thursday Night Memorial Golf League at The Vineyards Golf Course with a 34.

Skins were earned by Tim Wozniak on No. 11, Chabuel on No. 15, Chris Kokoszka on No. 16 and Rick Mazurek on No. 18.

Dave Criscione was closest to the pin on No. 12 and Mazurek was closest on No. 18.

John Chabuel 34, Dave Criscione 34, Chris Kokoszka 37, Tony Antolini 37, Gordy Haight 37, Brian Curtis 38, Glenn Mann 38, Tim Wozniak 38, Rick Bauza 38, Pete Criscione 38, Rick Mazurek 39, Steve Dando 40, Criag Sutton 40, Dave DeJoe 41, Jeff Lehnen 41, Tim Cave 42, Greg Haight 43, John Weidenhofer 44, Sam Fote 44, Ralph Archer 44, Shawn Hennessey 45, Paul Heyden 45, Mark Gugino 46, Steve Dudek 46, Mike Rosario 46, Jerry Kaminski 49, Dennis Karin 49


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