Kempo Karate promotions

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On Sept. 2, three students earned promotions to their next belt levels after several months of training at the Family Martial Arts Center. Pictured, from left, are: Kohai Angelina Gennock, yellow belt; Kohai Elena Carpenter, blue belt; Master Sensei Bill Matteson; and Kohai Xoey Karlstrom, yellow belt. Each student is required to train a minimum of two sessions each week and to display a discipline and confidence beyond the norm. All the training must be brought home so they can practice each lesson to better obtain the knowledge. Some of the training consists of working balance, body conditioning, cardio, strengthening, building confidence, self-esteem, peer pressure avoidance and more. Due to the COVID-19, Family Martial Arts Center is not currently hosting sparring or grappling. The business must comply with all of the regulations, which include social distancing, masks on at all times, taking frequent breaks and half-capacity. For more information about the programs, call 672-6683 or visit www.thefamilymartialartscenter.com.


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