Frewsburg boys, Silver Creek/Forestville girls lead

SILVER CREEK — Frewsburg’s boys and Silver Creek/Forestville’s girls finished with perfect scores to win Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association cross country races Saturday.

Toby Gifford finished in 16:43 to lead the Bears with teammates Micah Barber, Noah Collins, Juvenal Diaz, Declan Gibbons and Xander Pitts behind him. Silver Creek/Forestville was second with 50 points, led by seventh-place Ryan Borrello. Dunkirk had 81 points, led by 12th-place Zachary Zentz.

In the girls race, Frewsburg’s Acacia Barber finished first in 17:34. Silver Creek/Forestville was the only complete team, led by second-place Juliana Flick.


1. Toby Gifford (F); 2. Micah Barber (F); 3. Noah Collins (F); 4. Juvenal Diaz (F); 5. Declan Gibbons (F); 6. Xander Pitts (F); 7. Gabe Rhodes (SC/F); 8. Ryan Borrello (SC/F); 9. Jacob Sears (F); 10. Evan Rounds (F). T–16:43


1. Acacia Barber (F); 2. Juliana Flick (SC/F); 3. Teghan Trocki (F); 4. Melanie Wilson (SC/F); 5. Daisy League (SC/F); 6. Siera Porpiglia (D); 7. Emma Romanik (SC/F); 8. Ellie Decker (SC/F); 9. Rylee Gore (F); 10. Emily Bowers (SC/F). T–17:34



BEMUS POINT — Christina Peppy led a perfect Maple Grove girls squad to 15 points in a girls meet against Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Franklinville/Ellicottville and Gowanda at Bemus Point Golf Club and Tap House on Saturday.

Peppy finished in 19:58 followed by her Red Dragons teammates Ava Crist, Abby Brunenavs, Tori Pavlock and Allison Bohall.

Taydon Persons led Clymer/Sherman/Panama to a second-place team finish with 49 points with her sixth-place finish in 21:53. Gowanda was third with 78 points, led by 11th-place Autumn Pupo in 24:00.0. Franklinville/Ellicottville was fourth with 95 points, led by 14th-place Tarryn Herman in 24:37.

In the boys race, Lukas Baer finished first in 16:53, but Clymer/Sherman/Panama took first as a team with 36 points, led by John Swabik’s second-place finish in 17:17.

The Red Dragons were second with 56 points, Franklinville/Ellicottville was third with 64 points, led by fourth-place Tavi Riling in 18:40, and Gowanda was fourth with 73 points, led by Cole Herman in seventh place (18:57).


1. Lukas Baer (MG); 2. John Swabik (C/S/P); 3. Alex Crist (MG); 4. Tavi Riling (F/E); 5. Owen White (C/S/P); 6. Bryce Hinsdale (C/S/P); 7. Cole Herman (G); 8. Cayden Hatch (F/E); 9. Drew Schull (G); 10. Dylen Harbison (G). T–16:53


1. Christina Peppy (MG); 2. Ava Crist (MG); 3. Abby Brunenavs (MG); 4. Tori Pavlock (MG); 5. Allison Bohall (MG); 6. Tayden Persons (C/S/P); 7. Hannah Schauman (C/S/P); 8. Hannah Tarbrake (MG); 9. Evangeline Johnson (C/S/P); 10. Leighanne Swan (C/S/P). T–19:58



Allegany-Limestone’s Angelina Napoleon set a new course record at Jamestown’s Martin Road Athletic Complex with a time of 19:30 to lead the Gators to a team victory with 26 points.

Southwestern’s Gabrielle Wigren was third in 22:27 to lead the Trojans to a second-place team finish with 30 points. Jamestown was third as a team with 82 points and Olean was incomplete.

In the boys race, Jamestown’s Drew Carlson set another new course record in 16:49.3, but Allegany-Limestone raced to the team victory with five runners in the top 10 for 26 points.

Ryan Wisniewski led the Gators in second place with a time of 16:58 while Southwestern’s Ethan Luce was fifth in 17:31 to lead the Trojans to a second-place finish with 42 points. Jamestown was third with 60 points and Olean was incomplete.


1. Drew Carlson (J); 2. Ryan Wisniewski (A-L); 3. Jacob Brink (A-L); 4. Daniel Casey (A-L); 5. Ethan Luce (S); 6. Nate Lewis (S); 7. Carter McKotch (S); 8. Donald Higgs (A-L); 9. Alex Redeye (A-L); 10. Griffin Bogdanowicz (S). T–16:49.3


1. Angelina Napoleon (A-L); 2. Ashlyn Collins (A-L); 3. Gabrielle Wigren (S); 4. Lily Nelson (S); 5. Grace Anderson (S); 6. Maddie Straub (A-L); 7. Nya Martinelli (O); 8. Sara Thomas (O); 9. Marley Ohl (S); 10. Lindsey Kolb (A-L). T–19:30


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