Spacciapolli, Harper double in Fredonia swimming loss

FREDONIA — Madison Kramer was a double winner and Frewsburg/Falconer’s depth helped the Bears top Fredonia, 105-81, in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association girls swimming Thursday.

Kramer captured the 200-yard freestyle (2:06.79) and 100-yard butterfly (1:04.14) for Frewsburg/Falconer (4-0).

Fredonia had a pair of double winners in defeat. Tori Spacciapolli won the 200-yard individual medley (2:18.82) and 100-yard breaststroke (1:09.77) while Amelia Harper claimed the 50-yard freestyle (27.0) and 500-yard freestyle (5:54.15) for the Hillbillies.

Frewsburg/Falconer swept the top-three spots in the 200-yard freestyle and 100-yard freestyle.

200y medley relay: Fredonia (Abby Roth, Tori Spacciapolli, Amelia Harper, Angie May), Frewsburg/Falconer, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–2:02.56

200y freestyle: Madison Kramer (F/F), Cara Pillittierri (F/F), Hannah Eckert (F/F). T–2:06.79

200y individual medley: Tori Spacciapolli (Fred), Abby Roth (Fred), Emily Swan (F/F). T–2:18.82

50y freestyle: Amelia Harper (Fred), Olivia Ekstrom (F/F), Angie May (Fred). T–27.0

1m diving: Elizabeth Pucci-Schaefer (Fred), Alexandra Pucci-Schaefer (Fred), Elayna Pitts (F/F). P–260.02

100y butterfly: Madison Kramer (F/F), Ava Palmquist (F/F), Greta Frerichs (Fred). T–1:04.14

100y freestyle: Emily Swan (F/F), Kaylynn Powers (F/F), Madison Albright (F/F). T–1:01.80

500y freestyle: Amelia Harper (Fred), Cara Pillittierri (F/F), Olivia Ekstrom (F/F). T–5:54.15

200y freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Falconer (Emily Swan, Madison Kramer, Olivia Ekstrom, Cara Pillittierri), Fredonia, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–1:51.31

100y backstroke: Abby Roth (Fred), Hannah Eckert (F/F), Ava Palmquist (F/F). T–1:09.33

100y breaststroke: Tori Spacciapolli (Fred), Brianna Rosequist (F/F), Madison Albright (F/F). T–1:09.77

400y freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Falconer (Emily Swan, Cara Pillittierri, Kaylynn Powers, Ava Palmquist), Fredonia, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–4:25.12


JAMESTOWN — On Senior Night, Sophia Simons was a double winner to lead Jamestown to a 108-64 victory over Gowanda.

Simons won the 50-yard freestyle (29.73) and 500-yard freestyle (6:27.21) for the Red Raiders. Zoey Shimmel was also a double winner, capturing first in the 200-yard individual medley (3:00.97) and 100-yard butterfly (1:28.79).

Jamestown swept the top-three spots in the 100-yard freestyle, led by Lindsey Spitz with a time of 1:05.04.

200y medley relay: Jamestown (Natalie Reinhardt, Lindsey Spitz, Sophia Simons, Claire Pumford), Gowanda, Jamestown. T–2:16.51

200y freestyle: Breanna Winters (J), Emma Christopher (G), Elsa Lumia (J). T–2:22.97

200y individual medley: Zoey Shimmel (J), Molly Sunick (G), Bell Kerr (G). T–3:00.97

50y freestyle: Sophia Simons (J), Natalie Reinhardt (J), Hailey Christopher (G). T–29.73

1m diving: Rheese Maggio (J). P–218.92

100y butterfly: Zoey Shimmel (J), Bell Kerr (G), Sophia Jones (G). T–1:28.79

100y freestyle: Lindsey Spitz (J), Alyssa Shimmel (J), Samantha Bresson (J). T–1:05.04

500y freestyle: Sophia Simons (J), Breanna Winters (J), Emma Christopher (G). T–6:27.21

200y freestyle relay: Jamestown (Claire Pumford, Samantha Bresson, Sophia Simons, Breanna Winters), Jamestown, Gowanda. T–2:00.30

100y backstroke: Alyssa Shimmel (J), Lindsey Spitz (J), Cameron Merrill (G). T–1:15.33

100y breaststroke: Hayley Stang (G), Kendra Schultz (G), Claire Pumford (J). T–1:37.92

400y freestyle relay: Gowanda (Hailey Christopher, Sophia Jones, Molly Sunick, Emma Christopher), Jamestown, Jamestown. T–4:43.37


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