Kennelley Smashes 300-752, Walker Rolls 257-243-258-758 To Lead Area Bowling

Devin Kennelley was perfect Wednesday night.

Bowling in the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Company, rolled a 300-243-752 for Spare Us.

It wasn’t the only big series in that league.

Dan Walker smashed a 257-243-258-758 for Midnite Towing, Andrew Raymond a 234-236-223-693 for All Shots Matter, John Williams Jr. a 265-236-685 for Wadsworth Construction and Jeremy Crist a 286-679 for Bemus Point Inn.

In the Lena’s Pizza Townling Auto League, Jen Goshgarian hit a 244-591.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza Men–Joe Foti 221-235-673, Jamie Willey 225-234-672, Paul Burdic 235-232-669, Tim Wares 253-663, Bill Colburn 225-651, Nate Donisi 245-645, Cody Kane 223-233-642, Jeff Arnold 224-641, Shawn Sample 230-632, Andrew Chapman 629, Chris Gullotti 231-612, John Williams Sr. 610, Shaun Peters 607, Chris Conti 603, Jeff G. 601, Greg Griffin 596, Michael Melice 594, Tim Whitmore 587, Nick Boschert 580.

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto–Grace Wheeler 519, Jami Olson 201-508, Jeannie Colburn 505, Becky Washer 477.


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