Peggy Lucas rolled a 176-161-222-559 to pace the Fumble Bowling League on Nov. 18.

Other scores were Devon Mistretta 179-186-184-549; April Jagoda 198-508, Al Pati 228, Tony Mistretta 204, Pam Pleazewski 162-168; and Anne Haase 167.

Fredonia Heating recorded the high game, 868; and Fredonia Heating had the high series, 2,510.


In the Fumble Bowling League on Nov. 25, Pal Pleszewski rolled a 193-160-210-563 to lead the way.

Other scores were Al Pati 203, Chuck Richardson 203, April Jagoda 187, Marie Skubis 179, Anne Haase 160-163, Kathy Price 162 and Shirley Salerno 161.

Bobek’s Ladies shot a 906 for the high game and it also hit a 2,610 for high series.


Judy Langworthy led the Women’s A League at Lucky Lanes with a 202-191-193-586, and Jackie Grant hit a 189-202-548.

Lucky Lanes: Women’s A League — JoAnne Arnold 161-206-518, Mary Butcher 178-176-512, Michelle Conti 162-161-166-509, Shelly Coon 162, Rhiann Jakubowski 172-170, Maitland Langworthy 202-164-512, Roberta Patterson 169, Deb Queer 171, Debbie Skinner 192-191-504, Alyssa Velk 160-169.


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