Steve Dando’s 214-246-647 led the Frame Tuesday Night Memorial League at Lucky Lanes on Jan. 5.

Ralph’s Penzoil threw the high team series with a 2,545.

High games were turned in by: Charles Lewis (234), Brian Meyer (234), Art Howard (207), Rick Mazurek (202, 206), Vern Pchelka (204), Devon Mistretta (204), Zachery Dye (203) and Joe Granata (202).


Judy Langworthy’s 184-222-187-593 led the Women’s A League at Lucky Lanes.

Debbie Skinner followed Langworthy with a 182-200-205-587 and JoAnne Arnold had a 187-210-531.

High games were turned in by: Betty Carvella (198), Mary Butcher (185), Michelle Conti (179), Maitland Langworthy (168), Rhiann Jakubowski (167, 163), Shelly Coon (163), Penny Haight (163), Valerie Higgs (163), Cathy A. Smith (162) and Rose Spicer (162).


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