Mary Butcher cracked a 203-235-235-673 to lead the Women’s A League at Lucky Lanes.

Judy Langworthy rolled a 200-214-571 and Debbie Skinner had a 178-175-510.

High games were turned in by: Shelly Coon (189, 161), Betty Carvella (186, 166), Deb Queer (182), Sara Tulipane (180), Julie Reibel (176), Maitland Langworthy (171) and Jackie Grant (163, 163, 168).


Tony Mistretta’s 222-211-279-712 paced the Frame Tuesday Night Memorial Bowling League at Lucky Lanes on Feb. 23.

Cops & Crooks had the high team series with a 2,616.

Ken Pacos spilled a 219-214-600.

High games were turned in by: Joe Granata (222), Les Ludeman (206), Ken Ferry (202) and Art Howard (200).


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