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Sempei Jason Platt and Sempei Milo Wille have advanced to their blue belt in the Fudozen Shorinji Kempo Karate Organization. Platt has been in martial arts for 14 years earning his black belt in another karate style. Currently Platt is working toward his rank in Kempo Karate. Wille has been with the program for four years, beginning with the Little Dragon program. After leaving class for a year for personal reasons, he began asking to return. Having ambition and desire, his parents consented. Pictured in first photo, from left, are: Master Sensei Bill Matteson, Sensei Cameron Matteson, Sempei Wille and Sensei Jesse Sack. Pictured in second photo, from left, are: Sempei Vern Carpenter, Master Sensei Matteson, Sempei Platt, Sensei Cameron Matteson and Sensei Sack.


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