Trap Leagues

Ripley was a 320-210 winner over Westfield in Western Chautauqua County Trap League action on April 21.

For Westfield, High Lady was Mikala Latimore (32). High Junior was Hunter Cole (43). High Sub Veteran was Dale Furman (46). High Veteran was Mike Johnson (47). High Sr. Veteran was Kelly Brown (36).

For Ripley, High Lady was Sandie Newhouse (45). High Junior Lady was Emily Fratz (41). High Lady was Kayla Yokom (41). High Junior was Eldon Scriven (39). High Sub Junior was Bryce Reed (45). High Sub Veteran was Mark Henry (47). High Veteran was Gary Stanton (42). High Sr. Veteran was Tim Farnham Sr. (32).

Westfield (310): Mike Johnson 47, Danny Ficarra 47, Dale Furman 46, Mac McCausland 46, Will Mason 45, Butch Ficarra 41, Bob Wright 38. High Lady was Mikala Latimore 32, Jr. Hunter Cole 43, Sub Vet. Dale Furman 46, Vet. Mike Johnson 47 and Sr. Vet Kelly Brown 36.

Ripley (320): Josh Pierce 48, Mark Henry 47, Matt Fowler 46, Bryce Reed 45, Sam Piazza 45, Sandie Newhouse 45, Donald Farnham 44.

Big Tree snuck by Busti 326-324.

Molly Cummings was High Lady for Big Tree with a 37. High Sub Junior was Logan Clark (39). Ethan Hammer was the High Junior with a 46. High Veteran was Dennis Trostle (43). High Sr. Veteran was Mark Anderson (39). Cliff Hammer was High Super Sr. Veteran (46).

Busti’s High Lady was Danielle Yotpolis (43) and High Veteran was Tim Young (49). High Sr. Veteran was Dale Johnson (45). High Super Sr. Veteran was Jim Fincher (47).

Shooting perfect 25s were Cole Hammer, twice, Mark Henry, Josh Pierce, Tim Young, Randy Lineman and Scott Hammer.

Big Tree (326): Cole Hammer 50, Scott Hammer 48, Cliff Hammer 46, Ethan Hammer 46, Mark Holthouse 46, Terry Sanden 46, Casey Calalfu 44.

Busti (324): Tim Young 49, Rangy Lineman 48, Will Ortman 47, Jim Fincher 47, Dale Johnson 45, Scott Hulings 45, Danielle Yotpolis 43.

Big Tree also topped Ripley 267-259.

Big Tree’s High Lady was Molly Cummings (28). Logan Clark was the High Sub Junior with a 33. Ethan Hammer was High Junior with a 34. Mark Anderson was High Sub Veteran (45).

For Ripley, Sheila Yokom was High Lady with a 30. Kayla Yokom was High Junior Lady with a 33. Eldon Scriven was High Junior with a 28. Kyle Pierce was High Sub Junior with a 33. Mark Henry was High Sub Veteran with a 40. Mike Campaign was High Veteran with a 23. Gary Stanton was High Sr. Veteran with a 40.

Big Tree (267) Cole Hammer 43, Scott Hammer 39, Mark Holthouse 36, Eathan Hammer 43, Iogan Clark 33, Justin Teed 28.

Ripley (259) Josh Pierce 42, Gary Stanton 40, Mark Henry 40, Sid Meeder 39, Howard Maille 38, Don Farnham 35, Daniel Scriven 33.

Busti edged out Westfield 304-303.

Westfield’s High Veteran was Bob Wright (42).

For Busti, Barb Silo was High Lady with a 42. High Sub Veteran was George Kirin (40) and High Veteran was Tim Young (49). Dale Johnson was High Sr. Veteran with a 46 and the High Super Sr. Veteran was Jim Fincher (40).

Tim Young shot a perfect 25.

Westfield (303): Mike Johnson 47, Mac McCausland 46, Kevin Sturzenbecker 44, Bob Wright 42, Dale Furman 42, Hunter Rizzo 41, Kelly Brown 41.

Busti (304): Tim Young 49, Dale Johnson 46, Scott Hulings 44, Ron Harmon, Barb Silo 42, George Kirin 40, Jim Fincher 40.


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