SC’s Beadle doubles at Class C track & field

ALLEGANY — It was a good day to be a Trojan.

Southwestern’s boys and girls track and field teams claimed titles Saturday at the Section VI Class C Championships at Allegany-Limestone Central School.

For senior Cassidy Allen, it was extra special as she captured the 100 meters (12.62), the triple jump (35 feet, 11.75 inches) and the pole vault (13-6). In the latter event, she set a New York State girls Division 2 record, breaking her old mark of 13-3.

But while Cassidy Allen was the headliner among the local athletes, there were many others who turned in fine performances.

Among the girls, Kayla Allen, Cassidy’s sister, captured the 400 hurdles (1:10.90), one of many Trojans to score points on their way to 124 for the day, 43 more than second-place Portville. Allegany-Limestone was third with 73, followed by Silver Creek with 68 and Tapestry Charter with 61 to round out the top five teams.

The other double winners in the girls championship were Allegany-Limestone’s Angelina Napolean, who claimed four events — the 800 (2:22.79), the 1,500 (4:52.08), the 100 hurdles (16.40) and the high jump (5-2) — and Silver Creek’s Alina Beadle, who won the shot (33-10) and the discus (83.1).

Southwestern’s boys team was equally impressive, scoring 183 points to easily outdistance Allegany-Limestone, which finished with 130. JFK (56), Wilson (31) and Portville (25) completed the top five teams.

Trenton Shutters led the way for the Trojans, capturing the 800 (2:01.07) and being a member of both the winning 1,600 relay (3:34.88) and the 3,200 relay (8:30.45). Joining him in the 1,600 relay were Brendan Luce, Carter McKotch and Miracle Berakah. The other three runners in the 3,200 relay were Nate Lewis, Ethan Luce and McKotch.

The remaining first-place finishers for Southwestern were Berakah in the 400 (51.44), Vance Alvarez in the triple jump (39.25) and Dontae Hoose in the shot (46.2.5).

The other double individual winners were Evanuel Cook of WNY Martime in the 100 (11.51) and the 200 (23.13), and Jacob Brink of Allegany-Limestone in the 1,600 (4;40.52) and the 3,200 (10:07.34).



Team scores: Southwestern 124, Portville 81, Allegany-Limestone 73, Silver Creek 68, Tapestry Charter 61, Wilson 38, Salamanca 32, Cleveland Hill 19, JFK 14, Gowanda 13

100M: Cassidy Allen (Southwestern), Makhia Laster (Tapestry), Nyrelle Simpson (Tapestry), Kylie Procknal (Silver Creek), Jenna Wyant (Portville). T–12.62.

200M: Laster (Tapestry), Cassidy Allen (Southwestern), Procknal (Silver Creek), Wyant (Portville), Jackie Daley (Portville). T–25.67.

400M: Wyant (Portville), Ashlyn Collins (Allegany-Limestone), Aryanna Hatch (Portville), Alexis Grijalva (Southwestern), Emily Gollwitzer (Cleveland Hill). T–1:03.33.

800M: Angelina Napolean (Allegany-Limestone), Juliana Flick (Silver Creek), Lily Nelson (Southwestern), Ava Haynes (Portville), Lexi Lundmark (Southwestern). T–2:22.79.

1500M: Napoleon (Allegany-Limestone), Samantha Bray (Portville), Hayli Wilson (Salamanca), Autumn Pupo (Gowanda), Jennifer Reagan (Wilson). T–4:52.08.

3000M: Ashlyn Collins (Allegany-Limestone), Brray (Portville), Lundmark (Southwestern), Kylee Healy (Wilson), Nelson (Southwestern). T–11:54.

100M hurdles: Napoleon (Allegany-Limestone), Madelaine Schultz (Wilson), Kayla Allen (Southwestern), Samantha Cwiklinski (JFK), Kayla Hervey (Cleveland Hill). T–16.40.

400M hurdles: Kayla Allen (Southwestern), Schultz (Wilson), Harley Brown (Salamanca), Jillian Walsh (Allegany-Limestone), Gabby Wigren (Southwestern). T–1:10.90.

400M relay: Tapestry (Janee Long, Simpson, Olivia Harris, Laster), Portville, Silver Creek, Wilson, Cleveland Hill. T–51.48.

1600M relay: Portville (Wyant, Cook, Haynes, Hatch), Tapestry, Southwesern, Allegany-Limestone, Wilson. T–4:29.59.

3200M relay: Portville (Smith, Haynes, Cook, Bray), Southwestern, Allegany-Limestone, Gowanda, Cleveland Hill. T–11:13.87.

High jump: Napoleon (Allegany-Limestone), Kayla Allen (Southwestern), Victoria Soles (Wilson), Kaitlyn Golubski (JFK), Cook (Portville). H–5-2.

Pole vault: Cassidy Allen (Southwestern), Emma Romanik (Silver Creek), Oliva Dean (Portville), Aliyah Lee (Salamanca), Marisa Schultz (Wilson). H–13-6.

Long jump: Hervey (Cleveland Hill), Long (Tapestry), Kayla Allen (Southwestern), Procknal (Silver Creek), Grijalva (Southwestern). D–15-0.75.

Triple jump: Cassidy Allen (Southwestern), Grijalva (Southwestern), Alivia Penman (Silver Creek), Lindsey Gabel (Gowanda), Na’Kya McCann (Tapestry). D–35-11.75.

Shot: Alina Beadle (Silver Creek), Jillian Rea (Salamanca), Deja Ferguson (Tapestry), Golubski (JFK), Rachael Beadle (Silver Creek). D–33-10.

Discus: Alina Beadle (Silver Creek), Rea (Salamanca), Erin Keppel (Southwestern), Grace Mullen (Silver Creek), Ferguson (Tapestry). D–83-1.


Team scores: Southwestern 183, Allegany-Limestone 130, JFK 56, Wilson 31, Portville 25, Bennett 23, Tapestry Chrater 22, WNY Martime 20, Cleveland Hill 19, Salamanca 10, Gowanda 2.

100M: Evanuel Cook (WNY Maritime), Tariqu Eubanks (Tapestry), Michael Butterfield (Southwestern), Najim Walker (JFK), Miracle Berakah (Southwestern). T–11.51.

200M: Cook (WNY Maritime), Berakah (Southwestern), Butterfield (Southwestern), Anthony DeCapua (Allegany-Limestone), Walker (JFK). T–23.13.

400M: Berakah (Southwestern), DeCapua (Allegany-Limestone), Javier Brown (Bennett), Cameron Dillard (Tapestry), Brendan Luce (Southwestern). T–51.44.

800M: Trenton Shutters (Southwestern), Arlen Newark (Salamanca), Carter McKotch (Southwestern), Donald Higgs (Allegany-Limestone), Daniel Casey (Allegany-Limestone). T–2:01.07.

1600M: Jacob Brink (Allegany-Limestone), Nate Lewis (Southwestern), Ethan Luce (Southwestern), Ryan Wisniewski (Allegany-Limestone), Arlen Newark (Salamanca). T–4:40.52.

3200M: Jacob Brink (Allegany-Limestone), Wisniewski (Allegany-Limestone), Ethan Luce (Southwestern), Nate Leewis (Southwestern), Christian Gariepy (Portville). T–10:07.34.

110M hurdles: Thomas Padilla (Bennett), Jaden Kinnear (Southwestern), Jared Jaques (Wilson ), Braxton Stone (Portville), Vance Alvarez (Southwestern). T–16.13.

400M hurdles: Matthew Mergenhagen (JFK), Kinnear (Southwestern), Zack Krenzel (Allegany-Limestone), Jaques (Wilson), Stone (Portville). T–1:00.88.

400M relay: Cleveland Hill (Bryce Brown, Jamal Harris, Kuang Lwin, Tristan Pratt), JFL, Bennett, Tapestry, Southwestern. T–45.71.

1600M relay: Southwestern (Brendan Luce, Caerter McKotch, Miracle Berakah, Trenton Shutters), Allegany-Limestone, Tapestry Charter, Portville, Cleveland Hill. T–3:34.88.

3200M relay: Southwestern (Nate Lewis, Ethan Luce, Carter McKotch, Trenton Shutters), Allegany-Limestone, Cleveland Hill, Portville. T–8:30.45.

High jump: Anthony DeCapua (Allegany-Limestone), Jared Jaques (Wilson), Bryan Randolph (Portville), Vance Alvarez (Southwestern), Jaden Kinnear (Southwestern). H–5-11.

Pole vault: Zack Krenzel (Allegany-Limestone), Noah Paterniti (Allegany-Limestone), Jacob Herbert (Allegany-Limestone), John Conley (Southwestern). H–10-6.

Long jump: Najim Walker (JFK), Michael Butterfield (Southwestern), Vance Alvarez (Southwestern), Noah Vogtli (Gowanda). D–19-4.

Triple jump: Vance Alvarez (Southwestern), Paul Smith (Wilson), Jaden Kinnear (Southwestern), Jacob Herbert (Allegany-Limestone), Chris Miller (Southwestern). D–39-2.5.

Shot: Dontae Hoose (Southwestern), Drew Wigren (Southwestern), Ahren Faller (Allegany-Limestone), Nate Carrick (JFK), Hans Vanderzyden (Southwestern). D–46-2.5.

Discus: Todd Wilson (JFK), Kevin Edwards-Hardy (Allegany-Limestone), Hans Vanderzyden (Southwestern), Josh Lea (Allegany-Limestone), Donate Hoose (Southwestern). D–109-1.


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