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Softball umpires

The Chautauqua County Softball Umpires Association is seeking candidates interested in umpiring high school softball games. A one-night-per-week rules instruction class is being planned for a period of four weeks. Interested persons should contact Todd Button at 716-237-0008 or Paul Mathers at 716-640-4859.


Al Pati’s 216-243-654 led the Fumble League at Lucky Lanes. Devon Mistretta rolled a 166-193-508 and Anne Haase had a 199-160-500.

Bobek’s had the high team series with a 2,582 and the high team game with an 874.

High individual games were turned in by: Mark Pati (203), Pam Pleszewski (174) and Nancy Mosier (171).


Debbie Skinner rolled a 233-170-190-593 to lead the Women’s A League at Lucky Lanes.

High games were turned in by: Mary Butcher (166), Shelly Coon (166), Jackie Grant (183, 168), Judy Langworthy (191), JoAnne Morris (169) and Sara Tulipane (163).


A pair of 713 series led the Catering Co. Wednesday 4-Man League at Lucky Lanes.

Josh Ellman rolled a 248-278-713 and Tricia Laurito had a 214-255-244-713.

Scott Kawski had a 237-234-224-695 while Allen Nagel rolled a 245-268-691. Mike Lucus had a 204-235-248-687, Chad Cerrie spilled a 210-237-238-685 and Chris Tofil had a 213-274-684. Dave Meadows cracked a 246-236-678, Ricky Burgstrom had a 253-229-674, Tom Jagoda had a 216-235-212-663 and Mike Cerrie had a 237-236-655. Steven Krystofiak followed with a 235-200-623, Ron Mroczka had a 257-617, Dan Struzynski drilled a 204-224-614, Ken Ferry had a 214-603 and Paul Nocek rolled a 217-202-600.

High individual games were turned in by: Jim Michaels (247), Jack Reading (233), Kevin Kaszuba (224), Rick Crandall (221), Greg Haase (217), Todd Ellman (215), Erick Griewisch (213) and Dan Sasso (203).


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