Constantino impresses again for Jayhawks

Kaylee Constantino continued her impressive season for the Jamestown Community College swimming & diving team Saturday at the Physical Education Complex.

The freshman from Frewsburg set a new Jayhawks’ record in the 200-yard breaststroke as the women’s team finished first out of four squads at the December Invitational.

Constantino finished in 2:50.25 to break Emily Holt’s nine-year record by about a half-second.

“I knew when I got her to come that I had high expectations for her. I knew she’d be a crucial part of the team,” Jamestown CC head coach Todd Conklin said Sunday evening. “She didn’t swim her senior year at Frewsburg with a torn ACL. We weren’t exactly sure where she’d be, but now that she’s back in the pool and training, we’re starting to see some nice stuff from her.”

Jamestown Community College won the women’s competition with 368 points followed by second-place Genesee CC (299), third-place Monroe CC (145) and fourth-place Herkimer County CC (30).

Constantino also won the 50-yard freestyle (27.06) and 50-yard breaststroke (34.94) while also being a part of the winning 200-yard medley relay team (2:05.70).

Shannon Stein won the 50-yard butterfly (31.49) and 200-yard breaststroke (2:41.45); Tia Moppert claimed the 400-yard individual medley (5:34.50) and 100-yard freestyle (1:00.48); and Jenna Fiebiger captured the 200-yard butterfly (3:20.20) and 50-yard backstroke (36.25) for Jamestown CC.

“Jenna had another superior meet,” Conklin said of the freshman from South Africa. “Another person who, when she came over, she hadn’t even swam a 100 butterfly, now she’s in the 200 fly and goes above and beyond.”

Genesee CC won the men’s competition with 277 points followed by second-place Monroe CC (269), third-place Jamestown CC (149) and fourth-place Herkimer County CC (79).

Tshepiso Ntuli was the top finisher for the Jamestown CC men with second-place finishes in the 50-yard butterfly and 100-yard individual medley.

“He’s a soccer player who also wanted to swim. He’s really starting to excel now that we’ve gotten him in the pool,” Conklin said of Ntuli. “He’s going to be a crucial part of that men’s team moving toward the regional meet and nationals.”

Cole Carlson was second in the 200-yard freestyle.

Jamestown CC’s final meet of the fall semester is Saturday at the University of Pitt-Bradford. The Jayhawks are then off until Jan. 15 when they host their January Invitational.

Women’s 200y medley relay: Jamestown CC (Shannon Stein, Kaylee Constantino, Jenna Fiebiger, Tia Moppert), Monroe CC, Genesee CC. T–2:05.70

Men’s 200y medley relay: Monroe CC (Brendan Briggs, Cameron Goodspeed, Cal O’Neil, Alex Scaglione), Genesee CC. T–1:50.63

Women’s 1,650y freestyle: Emma Preski (MCC), Lindsay Finch (JCC), Alison Jorolemon (GCC). T–22:04.22

Men’s 1,650y freestyle: Laviani Michael (MCC), Tyler Kleinbach (GCC), Matt Travis (HCCC). T–19:08.64

Women’s 50y butterfly: Shannon Stein (JCC), Jade Vidas (JCC), Jordyn Stachowiak (GCC). T–31.49

Men’s 50y butterfly: Jocef Preist (GCC), Tshepiso Ntuli (JCC), Brendan Briggs (MCC). T–25.62

Women’s 200y freestyle: Alaura Rehwaldt (GCC), Jenna Fiebiger (JCC), Rebecca Cox (GCC). T–2:16.74

Men’s 200y freestyle: Alex Scaglione (MCC), Cole Carlson (JCC), Jordin Gwyn (GCC). T–2:02.47

Women’s 50y freestyle: Kaylee Constantino (JCC), Shannon Stein (JCC), Chloe Barrett (GCC). T–27:06

Men’s 50y freestyle: Cal O’Neil (MCC), Teddy Herrmann (GCC), Matt Travis (HCCC). T–23.89

Women’s 400y individual medley: Tia Moppert (JCC), Kara Williamson (MCC), Jordyn Stachowiak (GCC). T–5:34.50

Men’s 400y individual medley: Laviani Michael (MCC), Mitchell Vannelli (GCC). T–5:04.97

Women’s 50y breaststroke: Kaylee Constantino (JCC), Alison Jorolemon (GCC), McKenna Briggs (MCC). T–34.94

Men’s 50y breaststroke: Cameron Goodspeed (MCC), Jocef Preist (GCC), Tshepiso Ntuli (JCC). T–28.71

Men’s 1m diving: Richard Oberholzer (GCC), Brendan Briggs (MCC), Carson Coleman (MCC). P–260.46

Women’s 200y butterfly: Jenna Fiebiger (JCC), Emma Preski (MCC). T–3:20.20

Men’s 200y butterfly: Cal O’Neil (MCC). T–2:16.39

Women’s 100y freestyle: Tia Moppert (JCC), Jade Vidas (JCC), Rebecca Cox (GCC). T–1:00.48

Men’s 100y freestyle: Jocef Preist (GCC), Alex Scaglione (MCC), Cole Carlson (JCC). T–52.75

Women’s 200y breaststroke: Shannon Stein (JCC), Alison Jorolemon (GCC). T–2:41.45

Men’s 200y backstroke: Laviani Michael (MCC), Bobby Dunlap (HCCC). T–2:22.72

Women’s 100y individual medley: Alaura Rehwaldt (GCC), Tia Moppert (JCC), McKenna Briggs (MCC). T–1:09.66

Men’s 100y individual medley: Matt Travis (HCCC), Tshepiso Ntuli (JCC), Matt Fennell (JCC). T–1:06.37

Women’s 50y backstroke: Jenna Fiebiger (JCC), Carly Barrett (GCC), Julia Molitor (GCC). T–36.25

Men’s 50y backstroke: Bobby Dunlap (HCCC). T–32.49

Women’s 200y breaststroke: Kaylee Constantino (JCC), Kara Williamson (MCC), Ashley Hearn (GCC). T–2:50.25

Men’s 200y breaststroke: Cameron Goodspeed (MCC), Teddy Herrmann (GCC), Jordin Gwyn (GCC). T–2:28.18

Women’s 200y freestyle relay: Monroe CC (McKenna Briggs, Emma Preski, Violet Jarreau-Landers, Kara Williamson), Genesee CC, Jamestown CC. T–1:55.28

Men’s 200y freestyle relay: Monroe CC (Alex Scaglione, Laviani Michael, Cal O’Neil, Cameron Goodspeed), Genesee CC, Jamestown CC. T–1:37.61


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