Kozlowski, Bajdas lead Dunkirk bowlers

Robert Kozlowski rolled a 182-168-217-567 and Clayton Bajdas added a 222-168-148-538 as Dunkirk swept Southwestern in Division 1 boys action at Lucky Lanes.

Devin Farrington added a 181-221, Thomas Shaffer had a 166 game and Michael Sutherland rolled a 135 game in his high school debut for the Marauders (4-0), who rolled a team linescore of 835-827-882-2,544.

Will Pavlock had a 192-154-164-510 for the Trojans (0-4), who finished with a 607-613-570-1,790.


JAMESTOWN — Zach Ryberg rolled a 233-226-235-694 to pace Jamestown en route to a 4-0 sweep of Silver Creek in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 boys bowling action at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Colton Cappalino added a 218-213-189-620, Hayden Walker had a 222-574, Jack Christensen had a 189-191-551 and Vincent Parasiliti chipped in a 196 game for the Red Raiders (4-0), who finished with a team linescore of 973-1,032-972-2,977.

Nate Barlette-Dye led the Black Knights (0-4) with a 245-581 as the team finished with a linescore of 689-764-651-2,104.

In the girls match, Addison Cappalino rolled a 194-522 and Abbie Derby had a 188-478 as Jamestown beat Silver Creek 4-0.

The Red Raiders (4-0) finished with a linescore of 674-702-616-1,992.

Emily Barlette-Dye had a 192-541 and Laneya Olsen rolled a 190-469 for the Black Knights (0-4), who finished with a 552-670-584-1,806


JAMESTOWN — Fredonia and Falconer split a Division 1 girls matchup 2-2 at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Londyn Wilmot had a 182-172-491, Gillian Reed rolled a 170-470 and Jaelyn Davis had a 204 game for the Hillbillies (2-2), who rolled a team linescore of 674-791-771-2,236.

Amelia Sprague rolled a 167-235-186-588 and Hannah Cross had a 168-486 for the Golden Falcons (2-2), who rolled a 710-775-765-2,250.

The boys teams also split 2-2.

Nic Houston spilled a 202-264-645 and Damen Vincent had a 190-207-216-613 for Falconer (2-2), which finished with a 797-873-958-2,628.

Sam Kawski led Fredonia (2-2) with a 198-217-186-601 and Brady Helmer had a 183 game as the Hillbillies finished with a 843-893-841-2,577.


FREWSBURG — Erich Thompson rolled a 235-295-574 and Collin Kehrli had a 168-163-209-540 as Frewsburg beat Cassadaga Valley 4-0 in Division 2 action at Frewsburg Lanes.

Caden Harvey added a 173-178-475 and Matthew Thompson had a 190-474 for the Bears (4-0), who finished with a team linescore of 794-846-854-2,494.

Calvin Hilliker rolled a 201-189-540, Kristin Wise had a 189-474 and Matthew Helwig had a 176-471 for the Cougars (0-4), who finished with a 739-765-774-2,278.


CUTTING — Hunter Babcock’s 181-487 led Clymer/Sherman to a 4-0 Division 2 sweep of Chautauqua Lake.

The Wolves (4-0) finished with a team linescore of 535-609-684-1,828.

The Thunderbirds (0-4) rolled a 496-389-414-1,299.


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