Paul Nocek’s perfect game highlighted action in the Lou Nocek BII League at Lucky Lanes.

Nocek rolled a 300 at the end of a 210-247-757 series on Jan. 10.

Tom Jagoda spilled a 268-244-200-712, Scott Jagoda had a 237-225-658, Steve Dando cracked a 275-208-653, Dan Sasso had a 223-236-648, Steven Krystofiak II spun a 236-244-639, Adrianna Pencek had a 226-218-633, Mike Lucas drilled a 267-629 and Brandon Haase had a 201-227-606.

High games were turned in by: Joshua Ellman (256), Alex Haase (241), Jacob Marsh (229), Frank Leibl (214) and Gary Haase (213).

Bowlers Corner had the high team game (932) and high team series (2,687).


Jenna’s fired the high team series with a 2,564 and the high team game with a 912 during the Fumble League at Lucky Lanes on Jan. 5.

Pam Pleszewski rolled games of 172 and 167, Anne Haase rolled a 160 and a 167, and Mallory Wojcinski threw a 164.


Ryan Wise’s 248-226-212-686 led the Frame Memorial Tuesday Night Bowling League at Lucky Lanes.

Frank Libel rolled a 204-214-245-663, Randy Jasinski Jr. had a 209-238-626, Brian Meyer spun a 210-234-623 and Steve Dando had a 203-224-612.

High games were turned in by: John Wise (224), Alex Haase (224), Sue Haase (211), Jeff Griffin (204), Doug Taylor (223) and Randy Jasinski Sr. (221).

Split Happens rolled the high team series with a 2,650.


Dave Meadows cracked a 204-210-242-656 to lead the Catering Co. Wednesday 4-Man League at Lucky Lanes.

Allen Nagel rolled a 220-252-642, Kevin Kaszuba had a 225-251-623, Mike Lucas spilled a 227-201-612, Rick Crandall had a 224-224-604 and Jack Reading rolled a 223-603.

High games were turned in by: Joshua Ellman (215), Rick Kelleher (206, 212), John Fraser (227), Paul Nocek (211), Ted Schwelbe (224), Dan Sasso (228), Dakota Griewisch (200), Erick Griewisch (201), Chris Tofil (214), Phil Maslak (212) and Mike Cerrie (205).


Shelly Coon’s 168-177-191-536 paced the Women’s A League at Lucky Lanes.

Maitland Langworthy rolled a 176-195-528 and JuAnne Morris had a 162-181-160-503.

High games were turned in by: Mary Butcher (160, 166), Jackie Grant (172), Judy Langworthy (160, 160, 175), Roberta Patterson (164), Denise Sievert (170) and Sara Tulipane (176).


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