JoAnne Morris rolled 194-191-172 games for a 557 series to lead the Women’s A League at Lucky Lanes.

Mary Butcher rolled 167-190-510, Sara Tulipane hit 185-191-503, Judy Langworthy smashed 225-500, Jackie Grant had 171-192, Rose Spicer had 177, Margaret Edgerton had 167, Shelly Coon had 165 and Ellen Brooker had 165.


Steve Dando smashed 212-210 games for a 619 series in the Frame Memorial Tuesday Night Bowling League at Lucky Lanes.

Alex Haase hit 256, Randy Jasinski Jr. had 226, Tony Mistretta rolled 210-216, Brian Meyer had 214, Rick Mazurek hit 210, Joe Granata had 209, Ken Ferry had 202 and John Boner had 201.

The high team series was by Cops & Crooks with 2,645.


Dakota Griewisch hit 211-252-274 games for a 737 series to lead The Catering Co. Wednesday 4-Man League at Lucky Lanes.

Scott Kawski had 225-257-234 games for a 716 series, Dan Struzynski rolled 221-257 games in a 670 series, Chris Tofil smashed 223-237-205 games in a 665 series, Mike Lucas nailed 200-226 in a 620 series, Paul Nocek drilled 202-233 games in a 613 series, Dave Meadows hammered 216-239 games in a 610 series, Dennis Keppel hit 246 in a 609 series, Dan Sasso hit 228, Jacob Marsh had 208-205, Steve Krystofiak had 202-200, Joshua Ellman had 221, Allen Nagel had 215, Lee Szalkowski had 214, John Kawski had 207, Tom Jagoda had 206, Todd Ellman had 206, Kevin Kaszuba had 205, Ron Mroczka had 203, Ken Ferry had 202 and Jon Messina had 200.


Mark Pati rolled a 224 in the Fumble League at Lucky Lanes on Jan. 12.

Tony Mistretta hit 222, Kathy Price had 177 and April Jagoda rolled 176-163.

The high team game was Rock N Rollers with 865 while the high series was Bobek’s with 2,433.


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