Cassadaga Valley posts bowling win

CLYMER — The Cassadaga Valley boys bowling team played Chautauqua Lake at Cutting Lanes on Thursday. The Cougars won the match 4-0 with a linescore of 733-748-713-2,194 to Chautauqua Lake’s 509-498-483-1,490.

Garret Williams was the top bowler for the Cougars (29-15) with 189-142-167 games and a 498 series. Aiden Gierlinger rolled a 159 game and a 370 series, Luke Ingersoll had a 377 series, Calvin Hilliker rolled 169-209 games and a 378 series, and Matthew Hellwig rolled a 156.

David Gard was Chautauqua Lake’s (0-48) top bowler with a 337 series.


The Forestville bowling teams split with Randolph at Lucky Lanes on Thursday. The Forestville girls (24-4) won 4-0 with a linescore of 522-530-526-1,578 to Randolph’s 419-421-382-1,222.

Tristian Olsen was the top bowler for Forestville with 155-177-152 games and a 484 series. Mackenzy Graziano rolled 133-168 games and a 430 series, and Dakota Vanarsdale rolled 154-144 games in a 424 series.

Randolph’s (8-28) top bowler was Alyssa Milks with 183-164 games and a 467 series. Nickola Whitford tossed a 306 series.

The Randolph boys (22-21) won 3-1 with a linescore of 858-768-760-2,386 to Forestville’s 711-715-775-2,201.

Roman Weaver was the top bowler for Randolph with 177-175-225 games and a 577 series. Wyatt Weaver rolled 200-174 in a 497 series, Sam Gozdalski rolled 172-176-144 for a 492 series, Christopher Smith rolled 163-143-153 for a 459 series, and Connor Hardin had a 146.

Brayden Smith was Forestville’s (26-18) top bowler with a 214-184-201 for a 599 series. Jack Frost rolled 146-200 games in a 483 series, Aydon Heim rolled 144-170 games in a 453 series, and Tyler Waugh had a 368 series.


FREDONIA — The Fredonia bowling teams hosted Falconer Wednesday at Lucky Lanes. In the boys match, Fredonia (26-10) won the match 3 to 1. Fredonia’s linescore was 821-917-874-2,612. Falconer bowled games of 861-706-777 for a 2,344 total.

Sam Kawski was the top bowler for the Hillbillies with a 196 game and a 553 series. Zack Kawski added a 192 game, Nate Manzella rolled a 188 game, Brady Helmer had a 186 and Kyle Berkshire had a 182.

For Falconer Damien Vincent bowled games of 224-214-198 for a 636 set. Gabe Delaney added a 200 game and Josiah Sprague had a 171 game.

The Fredonia girls (19-9) took 3 from Falconer (14-10). Fredonia had games of 742-753-854 for a 2,349 series. Falconer rolled 745-737-808 for a total of 2,290.

Allie Cook rolled a 226 game and a 532 series to lead the way for the Lady Billies. Jaelyn Davis added a 185 game and 492 series, London Wilmot rolled a 191 and Erin Schrantz had a 160 game.

Hannah Cross led the way for Falconer with a 180 game and a 529 series. Amelia Sprague rolled a 184 game for a 512 series and Rachel Wallace chipped in with a 172 game.


FREWSBURG — The Frewsburg bowling teams hosted Chautauqua Lake at Frewsburg Lanes on Wednesday. In the boys match, Frewsburg (35-1) won 4-0 with a linescore of 782-784-797-2,363 to Chautauqua Lake’s 454-505-757-1,434.

Collin Kehrli was the top bowler for Frewsburg with 159-198-163 games and a 520 series. Matthew Thompson added 151-165-179 games and a 495 series, Erich Thompson added 182-168 games and a 498 series, Cohen Booth shot 169-153 games and Caden Harvey had a 155 game.

Henry Mueller had a 129 game for Chautauqua Lake (0-44).

The Frewsburg girls (24-4) swept with a linescore of 511-496-519-1,526 to Chautauqua Lake’s 393-384-338-1,115.

Kelsey Fischer was the top bowler for Frewsburg with 160-148-159 games and a 467 series. Katelyn Bean rolled 143-143-158 games and a 444 series and Cloey Linn had a 122 game.

Haylee Falco had 135-132 games for Chautauqua Lake (1-35).


The Forestville bowling teams swept Clymer/Sherman at Lucky Lanes on Wednesday. In the boys match, Forestville won 4-0 with a linescore of 689-670-820-2,179 to Clymer/Sherman’s linescore of 546-541-586-1,673.

Brayden Smith was the top bowler for Forestville with 159-235-204 games and a 598 series. Tyler Waugh had a 181 game and 434 series, Aydon Heim had a 151 game and 395 series, and Jack Frost rolled 153-155 games

Hunter Bogert was the top bowler for Clymer/Sherman (17-19) with a 156 game and 417 series. Carson Faulkner added a 154 game and 414 series.

The Forestville girls won 3-1 with a linescore of 507-610-557-1,674 to Clymer/Sherman’s linescore of 521-469-477-1,467.

Dakota Vanarsdale led Forestville with 137-197-179 games and a 513 series, while Mackenzy Graziano rolled 160-164-147 games and a 471 series, and Tristian Olsen added a 169 game.

Adelie Jackson was the top bowler for Clymer/Sherman (16-4) with 139-118-120 games and a 377 series. Alexis Hosier added 129-150 games and a 369 series, Emilie LaVoice rolled 126-129 games and a 367 series, and Elliot Thompson rolled 127-133 games in a 354 series.


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