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Dunkirk rolls past Southwestern 4-0

OBSERVER Photo by Christian Storms Dunkirk’s Jaxson Pencek steps into a throw during Wednesday’s Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 bowling game against Southwestern at Jamestown Bowling Company. Pencek led the Marauders with 207, 211 and 160 games in a 578 series.

JAMESTOWN — The Dunkirk Marauders (26-10) defeated Southwestern 4-0 in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 boys bowling at Jamestown Bowling Company on Wednesday.

Dunkirk posted a linescore of 923-951-853-2,727 to send it past Southwestern’s 586-574-553-1,713.

The Marauders were led by Jaxson Pencek rolling 207-211-160 for a 578 series. Robert Kozlowski rolled 166-207-195 games for a 568 series, Matt Woloszyn tossed 213-180 games in a 551 series; Devin Farrington shot 189-169 games; and Thomas Shaffer hit 184-196 games.

The top Southwestern (1-39) bowler was Will Pavlock rolling 181-174 games in a 499 series and Alyssa McIntyre had a 369 series.


OBSERVER Photo by Christian Storms Dunkirk’s Devin Farrington makes a throw.

The Forestville Hornets bowling team defeated the Brocton Bulldogs 4-0 in Division 2 bowling action at Lucky Lanes on Wednesday.

Forestville (30-18) rolled a linescore of 821-661-791-2,273 to top Brocton’s 608-654-709-1,971.

Forestville’s top bowler was Brayden Smith with a 655 series that was highlighted by a 266 game and 195-194 games. Jack Frost rolled 171-164 games in a 471 series and Aydon Heim rolled a 165 game in a 437 series.

Brocton (9-31) was led by Savanna Krystofiak rolling 168-174 games in a 472 series; Jeremy Weisner tossed 153-173 games in a 442 series; and Sebastian Hurd rolled a 156 game.

The Forestville girls (28-4) defeated Clymer/Sherman 4-0 in Division 2 at Cutting Lanes on Wednesday.

Forestville posted a linescore of 632-549-544-1,725 to top Clymer/Sherman’s 452-441-484-1,377.

The top bowler for Forestville was Tristian Olsen rolling 181-169-168 games in a 518 series. Dakota Vanarsdale tossed 172-176-151 games in a 499 series and Mackenzy Graziano added a 199 game in a 468 series.

Clymer/Sherman’s (20-8) top bowler was Emilie LaVoice with a 168 game and 419 series.


FREWSBURG — Katelyn Bean rolled a 190-212-548 to lead Frewsburg’s girls to a 4-0 sweep of Maple Grove in Division 2 bowling Wednesday at Frewsburg Lanes.

The Bears (28-4) finished with a linescore of 526-583-603-1,712.

The Red Dragons (14-18) rolled a 396-442-431-1,269.

Erich Thompson spun a 206-520 as the Frewsburg boys also won 4-0.

Matthew Thompson added a 175-495 series as the Bears (39-1) finished with an 808-788-847-2,443.

Logan Crist’s 460 led the Red Dragons (31-17) to a 633-718-748-2,099.


DUNKIRK — Eight different bowlers combined to lead Cassadaga Valley to a 4-0 Division 2 sweep of Chautauqua Lake.

The Cougars (33-15) finished with a linescore of 532-562-563-1,657.

The Thunderbirds (0-56) rolled a 498-516-421-1,435.



SILVER CREEK — Nate Barlette-Dye’s 178-200-224-602 led Silver Creek to a 4-0 Division 1 sweep of Southwestern on Tuesday at Hanover Lanes.

Brayson Parsell added a 180-496 for the Black Knights (7-29), who finished with a team linescore of 705-738-759-2,202.

Will Pavlock’s 186-466 paced the Trojans (1-35) to a 584-617-602-1,819.


GOWANDA — Johnny Smuda’s 172-208-224-604 led Gowanda’s boys to a 4-0 Division 3 sweep of Ellicottville at K&L Lanes.

Kenny Steklasa added a 499 series for the Panthers (26-6), who finished with a team linescore of 902-924-935-2,761.

Merek Peters led the Eagles (9-35) with a 404 series en route to a linescore of 525-557-615-1,697.

In the girls match, Cameron Nagle rolled a 439 series to lead Gowanda (10-18) to a 4-0 sweep with a linescore of 814-755-813-2,382.

Emma Lafferty rolled a 404 for Ellicottville (0-36), which finished with a 511-531-543-1,585.


CUTTING — Hunter Bogert’s 208-236-613 led Clymer/Sherman to a 3-1 Division 2 victory over Maple Grove at Cutting Lanes.

Hunter Babcock added a 474 for the Wolves (20-20), who finished with a team linescore of 737-699-734-2,170.

Logan Crist’s 171-183-504 led the Red Dragons (30-14) to an 803-659-658-2,120.

Clymer/Sherman’s girls won 4-0 with a 455-457-479-1,391.

Maple Grove rolled a 348-333-318-999.


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