Fredonia tops rival Dunkirk on the track

Behind double individual victories by Adam Lesch, Fredonia downed Dunkirk 82-58 in a Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association boys track & field meet Wednesday.

Lesch claimed the 1,600 meters and the 3,200 (12:44.3) to lead the way for the Hillbillies.

Quanyay Thomas paced the Marauders with wins in the high jump (5-6) and the long jump (17-9.5).

In the girls meet, Mariella Russo doubled in the 100-meter hurdles (18.5) and the long jump (12-9); Jena Gullo in the shot (21-10) and the discus (68-7); Gigi Ferro in the 200 meters (28.8) and the high jump (4-10); and Mariella Russo in the 100-meter hurdles (18.5) and the long jump (12-9) to spark Fredonia to a 95-27 victory over Dunkirk.


3200m relay: Fredonia (Adam Lesch, Stephen Keefe, Clayton Fraiser, Ledreth Velez-Olmo). T — 9:35.6.

110m hurdles: Alex Field (F), Lenieth Velez-Olmo (F), Josh Reynolds (F). T — 18.4.

100m: Felix Gonzalez (D), Nick Whitfield (F), Jayden Yerico (F). T — 11.8.

1600m: Lesch (F), Trenton Krenzer (F), Owen Caserta (F). T — NA.

400m relay: Dunkirk (Felix Gonnzalez, Jordan Lockett, Nate Carlson, Mike Hanlon). T — 45.8.

400m: Ledreth Velez-Olmo (F), Nate Carlson (D), Charlie Scott (D). T — 53.4.

400m hurdles: Hanlon (D), Field (F), Carson Kuzdale (F). T — 1:01.

800m: Lucas Lawrie (D), Johnee Thomas (D), Rafael Cruz (D). T — 2:12.6.

200m: Jordan Lockett (D), Yerico (F), Gonzalez (D). T — 24.0.

3200m: Lesch (F), Krenzer (F). T — 12:44.3

1600m relay: Fredonia (Kuzdale, Yerico, Field, Ledreth Velez-Olmo). T — 3:41.

High jump: Quanyay Thomas (D), Whitfield (F), Fredonia. H — 5-6.

Pole vault: Sam Murphy (F), Jazz Dorrea Gomez (D), MMax Corrpate (F). H — 8-6.

Long jump: Thomas (D), Kuzdale (F), Jashaun Couser (D). D — 17-9.5.

Triple jump: Whitfield (F), Kuzdale (F), Thomas (D). D — 38-2.5.

Shot: Matt Lotter (F), Adrian Montalvo (D), Alex Jackson (D). D — 37-1.

Discus: Montalvo (D), Lotter (F), Conner Jakubowicz (D). D — 101-2.


3200m relay: Fredonia (Ashlyn Ambrose, Tori Spacc, Julia LeBaron, Elizabeth Pucci-Schaefer). T — 12:31.8.

100m hurdles: Mariella Russo (F). T — 18.5.

100m: Ava Cook (F), Daylani Taylor (D), Rylee Beers (F). T — 13.4.

1500m: Haley Zadzilka (F), Ashlyn Ambrose (F). T — 6:12.4.

400m relay: Fredonia (Gigi Ferro, Abby Roth, Brianna Whitfield, Ava Cook). T — 55.0.

400m: Siera Jacques (D), Julia LeBaron (F), Ferro (F). T — 1:04.2.

400m hurdles: Fredonia. T — 1:20.1.

800m: Siera Porpiglia (D), Ambrose (F), Ava Hartung (F). T — 2:36.9.

200m: Ferro (F), Cook (F), Jacques (D). T — 28.8.

1600m: Dunkirk (Taylor, Jacques, Felicity Cooper, Porpiglia)). T — 4:39.1.

High jump: Ferro (F), Fredonia, Fredonia. H — 4-10.

Pole vault: Cooper (D), Julia Frazita (D). H — 7-6.

Long jump: Russo (F), Spacc (F), Brianna Whitfield (F). D — 12-9.

Triple jump: Roth (F), LeBaron (F), Kaley Robb (F). D — 30-0.5.

Shot: Jena Gullo (F), Arianna Harbor (F), Abigail Joy (F). D — 21-10.

Discus: Gullo (F), Joy (F), Madelyn Saunders (F). T — 68-7.


GOWANDA — Connor Terwilliger and Maddox Bush both claimed two individual first places to lead Franklinville to a 119-22 victory.

Terwilliger captured the 110-meter high hurdles (16.8) and the shot (40-2.5), and Bush won the 1,600 meters (4:59.5) and the high jump (5-6).

For Gowanda, Noah Vogtli doubled in the 100 meters (11.8) and the long jump 17-7.

In the girls meet, Franklinville won 16 of 17 events en route to a 122-17 win.

Alex Liszkiewicz captured the 400 meters (1:11) for Gowanda.


3200m relay: Franklinville (AJ Shortz, Aiden Harrington, Grant Cornell, Michael Stewart). T — 9:39.2.

110m high hurdles: Connor Terwilliger (F), Cayden Patch (F), Dylen Harbison (G). T — 16.8.

100m: Noah Vogtli (G), Hatch (F), Ben Edwards (F). T — 11.8.

1600m: Maddox Bush (F), Cornell (F), Chase Bolen (G). T — 4:59.5.

400m relay: Franklinville (Wyatt Tenelli, Evan Leonard, Sam Edwards, Billy Slavinski). T — 47.2.

400m: Ethan Bachek (G), Jacob Ballard (F), Maddox Johnson (F). T — 58.6.

400m hurdles: Hatch (F), Ben Edwards (F), Mason Wilson (G). T — 1:02.2.

800m: Stewart (F), Bush (F), Chase Bolen (G). T — 2:23.7.

200m: Slavinski (F), Johnson (F), Bachek (G). T — 24.0.

3200m: Cornell (F), Aiden Harrington (F), Shortz (F). T — 10:52.5.

3200m relay: Franklinville (Edwards, Bush, Ballard, Slavinski). T — 4:00.7.

Discus: Dominic Beaton (F), Tyler Gibus (F), Jesse Riling (F). D — 103-8.5.

Shot: Terwilliger (F), Slavinski (F), Gibus (F). D — 40-2.5.

Long jump: Vogtli (G), Hatch (F), Dominic Beaton (F). D — 17-7.

Triple jump: Tinelli (F), Terwilliger (F), Vogtli (G). D — 37-0.5.

High jump: Bush (F), Terwilliger (F), Harbison (G). H — 5-6.

Pole vault: Tinelli (F), Sam Edwards (F), Leonard (F). H — 11-0.


3200m: Franklinville. T — 12:06.9.

100m hurdles: Mandy Hurlburt (F), Audrey Hurlburt (F), Breanna Andrews (F). T — 17.1.

100m: Tyetta Herman (F), MHurlburt (F), Kaylie Bish (F). T — 12.9.

1500m: Bianca Bush (F), Mikayla Tatton (F), Camron Kaleta (F). T — 5:39.1.

400m relay: Franklinville. T — 54.0.

400m: Alex Liszkiewicz (G), AHurlburt (F), Brogan Howard (F). T — 1:11.

400m hurdles: Andrews (F), Anna Slavinski (F), Emma Schindler (G). T — 1:14.

800m: Alysa Williams (F), Tatton (F), Nicole Burton (F). T — 2:40.1.

200m: Herman (F), Slavinski (F), Liszkiewicz (G). T — 27.2.

3000m: Abby Chudy (F), Sydney Smith (G), Miranda Kaminski (G). T — NA.

1600m relay: Franklinville. T — 4:44.7.

Discus: Libby Price (F), Crissa Scanlon (G), Herman (F). D — 86-1.

Shot: Herman (F), Scanlon (G), Price (F). D — 30-2.

Long jump: MHurlburt (F), Williams (F), THurlburt (F). D — 15-4.5.

Triple jump: Summer Wilkins (F), Harper Klen (F), Tatton (F). D — 25-3.

High jump: Chudy (F), Bianca Bush (F). H — 4-6.

Pole vault: Slavinski (F), AHurlburt (F). H — 7-6.


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