Golf leagues

FORESTVILLE — Lindsay O’Connor and Michele Grisanti teamed up to shoot a 90 and win the Ladies Member-Member championship at Tri-County Country Club.

Becky Szpaicher and Colleen Orth took second with a 93 in a tie-breaker over Beth Rich and Sarah Borrello, who also shot a 93.

Amy Cassidy and Mary Monaco were fourth with a 95 while Rene Yeager and Kim Krzes were fifth with a 96.


WESTFIELD — Lynn Stetson’s scratch 45, including a birdie on No. 3, led the Par-Tee Girls League at Pinehurst Golf Club.

Donna Dixon’s 30, including a birdie on No. 6, led the net scores.

Marcy Casler made the longest putt at No. 9.

Gross: Donna Dixon 46, Brooke Caklins 47, Kim Tiberio 48, Trudy Gollnitz 50, Sue Wagner 50

Net: Sue Wagner 32, Lynn Stetson 33, Kim Tiberio 34, Trudy Gollnitz 35, Brooke Calkins 36


Three teams tied for first place, all scoring a 3-under-par 33s in the Friday Evening Couples league at the Vineyards Golf Course in Fredonia.

Tied for first place in the four-person scramble were Bob and Pat Kaus, who teamed up with Dan and Sue Johnson, Rick and Sarah Kirchenwitz, who played with Steve and Denise Lundin; and Rick and Barry Kilpatrick, who teamed up with Al and Patty Muck.

In second place with a 35 was the team of Pat and Bobbie Deering along with Ernie and Carla Kuzdzal.

Closest to the pin on No. 5 was Pam Allessi.


Bob Golubski’s 35 led the Thursday Tom Tucker League at the Vineyards Golf Course.

Closest to the pin were: Brian Curtis on No. 5 and Craig Sutton No. 9.

Untied birdies were recorded by Steve Dando at No. 1, Matt Kessler at No. 3, Gordy Haight’s eagle at No. 6, John Chabuel at No. 7, Golubski at No. 8 and Sutton at No. 9.

Steve Dando 36, Craig Sutton 37, Brian Curtis 37, Matt Kessler 38, Greg Haight 39, Chris Kokoszka 39, Jeff Lehnan 39, Tim Woznak 40, Gordy Haight 40, Bill Bailey 41, Ricky Bauza 41, John Chabuel 42, Jerry Jusko 43, Kyle Cross 43, Mike Rylowicz 43, Rob LeGrano 44, Glenn Mann 44, Jerry Kaminski 44, Steve Dudek 44, John Wiedenhofer 45, Ryan Golubski 45, Pete Criscione 45, Dave Ferguson 45.


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