Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville edges CL/B/W

MAYVILLE — Sienna Nagel and Sammi Vecchio each won a pair of events to lead Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville past Chautauqua Lake/Brocton/Westfield 97-68 in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association girls swimming Tuesday.

Nagel claimed the 200-yard freestyle (2:40.37) and 500-yard freestyle (7:05.92) while Vecchio captured the 100-yard butterfly (1:14.90) and 100-yard backstroke (1:16.72) for the guests.

Individual winners for the hosts included Addison Luce (50-yard freestyle), Gabriella Testa (100-yard freestyle) and Lydia Kushmaul (100-yard breaststroke).

200y medley relay: Chautauqua Lake/Brocton/Westfield (Sophia Gervasio, Lydia Kushmaul, Addison Luce, Gabriella Testa), Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville, Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville. T–2:18.92

200y freestyle: Sienna Nagel (A-L/E), Addison Gervasio (CL/B/W), Karly Bruton (A-L/E). T–2:40.37

200y individual medley: Zoey Bush (A-L/E), Sophia Gervasio (CL/B/W). T–2:53.55

50y freestyle: Addison Luce (CL/B/W), Paige Pecorella (A-L/E), Lydia Kushmaul (CL/B/W). T–27.77

1m diving: Michaella Rhodes (A-L/E). P–244.20

100y butterfly: Sammi Vecchio (A-L/E), Addison Luce (CL/B/W), Paige Pecorella (A-L/E). T–1:14.90

100y freestyle: Gabriella Testa (CL/B/W), Zoey Bush (A-L/E), Addison Gervasio (CL/B/W). T–1:08.22

500y freestyle: Sienna Nagel (A-L/E), Gabby Wiltse (A-L/E), Adelaide Weber (A-L/E). T–7:05.92

200y freestyle relay: Chautauqua Lake/Brocton/Westfield (Addison Luce, Gabriella Testa, Lydia Kushmaul, Sophia Gervasio), Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville, Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville. T–2:00.13

100y backstroke: Sammi Vecchio (A-L/E), Sophia Gervasio (CL/B/W), Rylee Buxton (CL/B/W). T–1:16.72

100y breaststroke: Lydia Kushmaul (CL/B/W), Emma Jankowski (A-L/E), Courtney Marsh (A-L/E). T–1:28.05

400y freestyle relay: Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville (Cameryn Slevinski, Sienna Nagel, Courtney Marsh, Zoey Bush), Chautauqua Lake/Brocton/Westfield, Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville. T–5:02.15


OLEAN — Frewsburg/Falconer’s quartet of Emily Swan, Alexandra Waid, Cara Pillittieri and Taylor Yost won the 400-yard freestyle relay by 12 seconds to wrap up a 94-90 victory over Olean/Portville/Franklinville.

Pillittieri was a double winner individually for the guests, capturing the 200-yard individual medley (2:28.62) and 100-yard breaststroke (1:17.84) while Elayna Pitts claimed the 1-meter diving competition with 234.95 points and Addison Lawson won the 500-yard freestyle in 6:22.48.

Megan Jackson took the 50-yard freestyle (24.58) and 100-yard freestyle (53.43) while Anna Slavinski claimed the 100-yard butterfly (1:18.72) and 100-yard backstroke (1:13.20) for the hosts.

200y medley relay: Olean/Portville/Franklinville (Megan Jackson, Tyyetta Herman, Anna Slavinski, Kayci Landow), Frewsburg/Falconer, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–2:11.55

200y freestyle: Emmalie Gehm (O/P/F), Addison Lawson (F/F), Alexandra Waid (F/F). T–2:23.59

200y individual medley: Cara Pillittieri (F/F), Kayci Landow (O/P/F), Taylor Yost (F/F). T–2:28.62

50y freestyle: Megan Jackson (O/P/F), Tyyetta Herman (O/P/F), Emily Swan (F/F). T–24.58

1m diving: Elayna Pitts (F/F), Anelia Pitts (F/F), K’Lonnie Davis (O/P/F). P–234.95

100y butterfly: Anna Slavinski (O/P/F), Mickey Hartley (F/F), Trinity Garrey (O/P/F). T–1:18.72

100y freestyle: Megan Jackson (O/P/F), Emily Swan (F/F), Lily Todd (O/P/F). T–53.43

500y freestyle: Addison Lawson (F/F), Emmalie Gehm (O/P/F), Alexandra Waid (F/F). T–6:22.48

200y freestyle relay: Olean/Portville/Franklinville (Tyyetta Herman, Lily Todd, Megan Jackson, Emmalie Gehm), Frewsburg/Falconer, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–1:51.79

100y backstroke: Anna Slavinski (O/P/F), Taylor Yost (F/F), Teresa Mole (F/F). T–1:13.20

100y breaststroke: Cara Pillittieri (F/F), Tyyetta Herman (O/P/F), Molly Marshall (O/P/F). T–1:17.84

400y freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Falconer (Emily Swan, Alexandra Waid, Cara Pillittieri, Taylor Yost), Olean/Portville/Franklinville, Olean/Portville/Franklinville. T–4:17.38


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