Maple Grove girls roll; Krenzer wins in Panama

BEMUS POINT — Maple Grove’s girls and Jamestown’s boys won their respective Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association cross country races at Long Point State Park on Tuesday.

Allison Bohall, Presley Haines, Lizzie Lai and Lily Bohall took the top four spots as the Red Dragons won the girls race with 18 points. Allison Bohall finished in 22:12. Jamestown was second, led by fifth-place Gabriella Knight.

The Red Raiders finished with 28 points in the boys race, led by Maxwell Knight in second place. Maple Grove’s Ethan Verbosky won the race in 17:47 as the Red Dragons finished second with 34 points. Falconer/Cassadaga Valley was third with 95 points and Silver Creek/Forestville was fourth (103).


1. Ethan Verbosky (MG); 2. Maxwell Knight (J); 3. Tyler Zwald (J); 4. Ben Cornell (MG); 5. Sean Verbosky (MG); 6. Owen Caswell (J); 7. Stephen Hallberg (J); 8. Jaden Binkey (F/CV); 9. Jase Smith (F/CV); 10. Lucas Arnone (J). T–17:47


1. Allison Bohall (MG); 2. Presley Haines (MG); 3. Lizzie Lai (MG); 4. Lily Bohall (MG); 5. Gabriella Knight (J); 6. Myah Crossley (J); 7. Melanie Wilson (SC/F); 8. Mae Bendetto (MG); 9. Nolah Hamilton (J); 10. Amber Lockwood (SC/F). T–22:12


FREWSBURG — Juvenal Diaz took first place in 17:50 and led Frewsburg to a first-place team finish with 18 points in action at the Frewsburg Sports Complex.

West Valley was second with 58 points, led by fifth-place Jack Tharnish, while Dunkirk was third with 60 points, led by seventh-place Lucas Lawrie.

In the girls race, Allegany-Limestone was the lone complete team and was led by first-place finisher Angelina Napoleon in 19:19.


1. Juvenal Diaz (F); 2. Alex Redeye (A-L); 3. Micah Barber (F); 4. Cody Kent (F); 5. Jack Tharnish (WV); 6. Xander Pitts (F); 7. Lucas Lawrie (D); 8. Evan Johnson (A-L); 9. Noah Collins (F); 10. Jacob Sears (F). T–17:50


1. Angelina Napoleon (A-L); 2. Ashlyn Collins (A-L); 3. Ryanna Brady (S); 4. Lilianna Peters (A-L); 5. Olivia Harmony (WV); 6. Lilly Coulter (A-L); 7. Olympia Leckey (WV); 8. Teghan Trocki (F); 9. Hayden Kolb (A-L); 10. Lindsey Kolb (A-L). T–19:19


PANAMA — Trenton Krenzer finished first in 19:32 to lead Fredonia to a first-place team finish with 31 points in action at Panama Central School.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama took second with 45 points, led by fifth-place Max Guzman, and Olean was third with 52 points, led by third-place Lucas Peterson-Volz.

In the girls race, Clymer/Sherman/Panama took first with 15 points, finishing in the top three spots and five of the first six spots. Hannah Schauman took first in 23:06. Fredonia was the only other complete team, led by seventh-place Haley Zadzilka.


1. Trenton Krenzer (F); 2. Adam Lesch (F); 3. Lucas Peterson-Volz (O); 4. Adrian Bohdanowycz (O); 5. Max Guzman (C/S/P); 6. Nathan Keefe (F); 7. Ben Cooke (C/S/P); 8. Cavan Boutillette (O); 9. Rhys Kelly (R); 10. RJ Johnson (C/S/P). T–19:32


1. Hannah Schauman (C/S/P); 2. Solki Martin-Lacayo (C/S/P); 3. Leighanne Swan (C/S/P); 4. Gracyn Rowland (R); 5. Haley Odell (C/S/P); 6. Tayden Persons (C/S/P); 7. Haley Zadzilka (F); 8. Brooke Warner (C/S/P); 9. Eve Johnson (C/S/P); 10. Cassie Marucci (C/S/P). T–23:06


FRANKLINVILLE — Southwestern’s Nate Lewis took first place individually with a time of 16:57 and led the Trojans to a team victory with 21 points in boys action.

Gowanda was second with 41 points, led by fifth-place Drew Shull while Franklinville/Ellicottville was third with 74 points, paced by fourth-place Grant Cornell.

Southwestern’s Emma Lewis won the girls race in 19:11 while Gowanda was the lone complete team, led by second-place Calie Hudson.


1. Nate Lewis (S); 2. Trey Faulk (S); 3. Donavin Brown (S); 4. Grant Cornell (F/E); 5. Drew Shull (G); 6. Jayson Twoguns (G); 7. Sam Kautzman (S); 8. Kenji Walters (S); 9. Dustin Mohawk (G); 10. Chase Bolen (G). T–16:57


1. Emma Lewis (S); 2. Calie Hudson (G); 3. Lucy Colburn (S); 4. Brooke Long (S); 5. Grace Anderson (S); 6. Lucy Marchase (F/E); 7. Kailyn Farner (G); 8. Helena Wallschlaeger (G); 9. Alhanna Gabel (G); 10. Jaylynn Elliott (G). T–19:11


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