D/F/F swims past Panama/Clymer 94-70

Dunkirk/Fredonia/Forestville had a great start to the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association boys swimming season with a 94-70 win over Panama/Clymer.

Trenton Krenzer won the 200-yard individual medley (2:15.38) and 100-yard breaststroke (1:07.49), while Matt Dunn claimed the 100-yard butterfly (59.77) and 100-yard backstroke (1:00.80) to lead D/F/F.

Kody Howard captured the 200-yard freestyle (2:06.55) and 100-yard freestyle (54.05) for P/C.

200y medley relay: Dunkirk/Fredonia/Forestville (David Barrett, Trenton Krenzer, Liam Moon, Matt Dunn), Panama/Clymer. T–1:59.45

200y freestyle: Kody Howard (P/C), Jimmy Fagan (D/F/F), Jaden Thayer (P/C). T–2:06.55

200y individual medley: Trenton Krenzer (D/F/F), Jackson Laurie (D/F/F), Aurick Pattison (P/C). T–2:15.38

50y freestyle: David Barrett (D/F/F), Liam Moon (D/F/F), Solomon McKnatt (D/F/F). T–24.65

100y butterfly: Matt Dunn (D/F/F), Jimmy Fagan (D/F/F), Evan Conklin (P/C). T–59.77

100y freestyle: Kody Howard (P/C), David Barrett (D/F/F), Liam Moon (D/F/F). T–54.05

500y freestyle: Jaden Thayer (P/C), Landon Ellis (P/C), Nathan Ruch (P/C). T–7:08.09

200y freestyle relay: Panama/Clymer (Kody Howard, Ryan Smith, Jaden Thayer, Evan Conklin), Dunkirk/Fredonia/Forestville, Panama/Clymer. T–1:57.67

100y backstroke: Matt Dunn (D/F/F), Jackson Laurie (D/F/F), Flynn Fadale (P/C). T–1:00.80

100y breaststroke: Trenton Krenzer (D/F/F), Riley Smith Mallon (D/F/F), Aurick Pattison (P/C). T–1:07.49

400y freestyle relay: Dunkirk/Fredonia/Forestville (David Barrett, Liam Moon, Matt Dunn, Trenton Krenzer), Panama/Clymer, Dunkirk/Fredonia/Forestville. T–3:55.63


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