Fearless Freddie’s Football Forecast

CRUSHING. The Buffalo Bills venture into enemy Kansas City territory this weekend with their rapidly fleeting playoff hopes on the line.

Don’t expect things to get better for the Bills, pathetic on the road this season. They stand at 1-4, their lone win coming against a weak Washington team.

Buffalo will make things competitive for most of the game, thanks to their bye week of rest, but at crunch time, this fearless forecaster sees Patrick Mahomes having his way with the Buffalo defense once again.

FREDDIE sees it this way:

CHIEFS 27, Bills 21

HOME teams are capitalized. Teams picked to win the game are listed first, followed by the expected margin of victory. The official Las Vegas odds are in parentheses.


WEEK: 5-5 (.500). Vs. line 5-5 (.500).

YEAR: 107-23 (.823). Vs. line 68-62 (.523).



PITTSBURGH +10 over New England (+6)


KANSAS CITY +6 over Buffalo (+2.5)

CLEVELAND +4 over Jacksonville (+3)

Detroit +6 over CHICAGO (+3.5)

ATLANTA +3 over Tampa Bay (+2.5)

NY JETS +3 over Houston (-5.5)

NEW ORLEANS +7 over Carolina (+5)

BALTIMORE +6 over LA Rams (+7)

Indianapolis +3 over CINCINNATI (+1)

SAN FRANCISCO +8 over Seattle (+10.5)

Minnesota +7 LAS VEGAS (+3)

LA CHARGERS +3 over Denver (+2.5)

DALLAS +7 over Philadelphia (+3)


Green Bay +2 over NY GIANTS (+6.5)

MIAMI +10 over Tennessee (+13.5)

WEEK: 7-6 (.538). Vs. line 4-9 (308).

YEAR: 120-73 (.622). Vs. 96-97 (.497).


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